Live-action movie “Shin Kamen Rider” by Hideaki Anno to release in 2023!

“Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary Plan Announcement Conference” made a special announcement on April 3rd, 2021. The live-action movie “Shin Kamen Rider” will release in 2023 and it will be directed by none other than Hideaki Anno from Evangelion fame.

“Shin Kamen Rider” live-action movie is a tribute to its 50-years franchise

Along with the production announcement, the teaser visual and logo of Shin Kamen Rider were unveiled. The movie is scheduled to be released in March 2023. Information such as the cast and story has not been revealed at this time.

Hideaki Anno quoted, “This project is an historic work that Dr. Shotaro Ishinomori and Toei Ikuta Studio created. It has fulfilled the dreams of many since childhood. This is a work that depicts the dreams of a child that will remain in every adult heart, despite growing up. I will do my best to create a work that replaces the world of wearing masks with a modern theme, and an entertainment work that can be enjoyed even by ones who have not watched the original series. “

Anno hasn’t taken a lead position behind a live-action movie since 2016 when he was the general director of Shin Godzilla. Anno also composed the 50th-anniversary memorial video of “Kamen Rider” that was played at the beginning of the press conference.

In addition, Mr. Akira Onodera, President of Ishimori Productions, said, “Director Anno’s Shin Kamen Rider is his latest work, but at the same time it is also something that pays tribute to the original masterpiece. These two will be mixed again in the milestone year of 50 years. Of course, I think it would be very nice for my father. I look forward to the director’s challenge. “

Apart from the movie, as a 50th-anniversary project of “Kamen Rider”, an anime production of the manga “Kamen Rider Detective” of “Kamen Rider W”, and “Kamen Rider BLACK SUN” a rebooted version of “Kamen Rider BLACK” by director Kazuya Shiraishi was also announced.

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