The Mario Cafe & Store Opens in Universal Studios Japan

The Mario Cafe & Store opening ceremony

Universal Studios Japan opened a new cafe & store based on Nintendo’s smash-hit video game series Super Mario Bros. on 16th October ahead of the Super Nintendo World’s grand opening in early 2021.

The Mario Cafe & Store has an interior featuring Super Mario Bros.’s iconic video game series, Mario Kart. The cafe offers themed food including fruit cream sodas and pancake sandwiches inspired by the signature caps worn by Mario and Luigi. There are also some great merchandise in the store next to the cafe that has never been seen anywhere else – such as Mario’s cap, stylish shirts, hats, and the Super Mushroom Souvenir Bottle.

Seems like an exciting way to enjoy Mario’s world before the Super Nintendo World attraction opens next year!

Evolution of Japanese Games

September 5, 2018
The Mario Cafe & Store opening ceremony

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