Super Sugoii-con Vol.1 Exclusive: Minichestra

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Minichestra is known and recognized in the world of Anime music as one of the leading Anime Orchestras. Not just providing live performances at many famous Anime conventions they also perform and record music together to celebrate this art form in their social media platforms.

Minichestra is going to perform a series of specially curated Anime songs at the Super Sugoii-con for the Indian Japanese pop-culture lovers this year. We caught up with Dai Odahara, the Director of the band to discover more about this famous orchestra.

The idea of Minichestra was a flash!

Could you start by providing some background on yourself? How did this orchestra start?

I started Minichestra three and a half years ago. An idea was quite simple about why I came up with Minichestra. When I was working in a cafeteria while listening to music on Youtube, I just wondered “Wait, this band and songs are really great but what if I can somehow reproduce the songs by instrument covers? If melodies and accompaniment are great, the covers will be definitely great, too. How about classical instruments? And by a small compact group? What music is popular? Why not Anime songs? ”.

A perfect harmony of five different instruments creating Anime music!

Tell us the details of the musical instruments involved in this orchestra

We would like everyone to enjoy the authentic anime music through our musical instruments. We perform various series of anime song covers by the violin, cello, and contrabass (double-bass) from the stringed instrument, the flute from the wind instrument and the piano from the keyboard instrument.

We are 5 of us in total. You might think Minichestra is too small to reproduce the original spectacle sound. Don’t worry. You will be surprised and moved for sure once you listen to our music.

Music and love for Anime in India is exciting for future collaborative potential

Have you heard about Indian Classical music? If yes, which instrument would you love to collaborate with if possible?

It sounds super exciting. Personally I have been to New Delhi, Chennai and Kumbakonam. It was a great experience for me and inspires me. I personally started to listen to the Ganapati mantra afterward. You Indian people are so nice and kind. So it will be definitely fantastic for me and Minichestra if we collaborate with Indian music and artists.

When it comes to Indian classical instruments, I know the Veena. The veena looks very close to the violin. Also, many Indian people ask us to do a song cover of the Karmachakra anime song.

Minichestra will be launching a new streaming service on September 20th

Could you tell us what is Sugoii and amazing about your orchestra?

Thank you so much for a very nice question. What is Super Sugoii about us? We perfectly reproduce the original Anime songs by the classical instruments only. We don’t use any electronic instruments nor guitars, drums that the original songs normally do use. It’s simply because we believe that live sounds and vibes move you.

At this moment, we have more than 200+ anime song covers. You can watch part of the covers on our SNS, and Spotify, Amazon, Google, and iTunes.

On top of that, we will start our own streaming service on the Minichestra web site on Sep 20th. Since I heard that you can not access Spotify and other streaming services due to some reason.

At the first launch on Sep 20th, there will be major popular anime songs from Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, Demon Slayer, Gintama, JoJo’s bizarre adventure, Violet Evergarden, Anohana, Fire Force, Detective Conan, Fullmetal Alchemist and more.

We are Super Sugoii, right? Frankly speaking, we’re very happy that tons of Indian people like us and our music. Minichestra is proud of you. Let’s expand authentic music and anime songs together!

Don’t miss Minichestra’s performance at the Super Sugoii-con!

In the last few years alone, the band has toured multiple Anime convention platforms and enthralled the audience with their music. Thank you Odahara-san for such a wonderfully insightful Interview. We look forward to their performance at the Super Sugoii-con on 27th September 2020.

To discover more about Minichestra see the links below:
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