15th Japan International Manga Award calls India!

To be a part of the ever-expanding Japanese manga industry and getting your name associated with this world, Join the 15th Japan International Manga Award contest to kickstart your career in the manga industry.

15th Japan International Manga Award 2021

This contest has been live for decades. As such, this year they will accept entries from students under the manga/cartoon/ illustration category from artists across the world. You can win many participation prizes including cash rewards, software, tablets, accessories, and much more!

Today, you can participate in this festival and be a part of one of the biggest manga and graphic novels contests for international emerging artists. The event takes place annually, (around summer) and has so far attracted thousands of participants, from around the world.

Last years GOLD winner

Funeral director

“Funeral director” © Gaea Books,Co.,Ltd. Artist:韋蘺若 (Taiwan)

Read the manga “Funeral Director” here!

Also, you can find the entire list of winners here.

Application details:

The application period is from April 7th, 2021 to July 8th, 2021. According to their official website:

Purpose: To spread MANGA culture overseas and promote international cultural exchanges through MANGA.
Award categories :
The Gold Award:  Best MANGA work
Silver Award: 3 excellent work
Bronze Award: 11 eleven work
The Gold Award and the Silver Award winners will be invited to Japan approximately for 10 days on the occasion of the award ceremony as an extra prize (The Bronze Award winners are not entitled).

You will find the Application Form & Guidelines on their official website. Visit the official website and find out more about it!

About the event

The International MANGA Award was founded by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2007 for the purpose of expanding international exchange and mutual understanding through MANGA culture which is widely accepted around the world.

This award aims to honor MANGA artists from across the globe, who contribute to the development of MANGA culture. We hope Indian artists will participate wholeheartedly in the event. Who knows? We might win too!

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