Cant cosplay in India this Halloween? Here’s a solution!

Often times it is difficult to figure out if we want to cosplay or not. Then, comes the decision on sourcing the clothes of a character, especially to Cosplay in India. But, with a newly introduced app called OhMyFace, you can process your face like a zombie, Disney, Mona Lisa, etc. just by uploading a face image and selecting a style.

It makes full use of the most advanced image generation technology for face image processing and is the first application in Japan that uses such style conversion.

Steps on how to use this app if you wish to cosplay in India:

1. Style selection Select the style you want to apply from the styles arranged in the ranking order.

2. Upload face image Upload your own face photo from the photo library. Choose one that clearly shows your face. Illustrations and characters cannot be used. And wait for the final results!

That’s it! Share your photo and have fun this Halloween. Let’s inform all our cosplayer friends in India!

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