Esha Deol Wants to Play Female Version of Naruto!

Esha Deol is a Naruto fan, and reveals her kids too watch the show

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Esha Deol, an Indian actor, in her recent interview, opened up about how big a Naruto fan she is. In fact, she even makes her kids watch Naruto, in Tamil, so that they can learn the language and develop a love for Japanese anime!

Naruto, the anime television series, used to be aired in the dubbed-English language on Cartoon Network from 2005 to 2009. The series was re-launched on television in India by Sony YAY!. Esha Deol partnered with the channel to welcome the show back to television.

Talking to Hindustan Times, Esha Deol revealed, “It’s a fun show to watch. It was earlier also while we were growing up. Anime has a whole different feel to it. There’s a lot of action with him (Naruto) trying to be the ninja. I enjoyed it watching back then and now I can watch it with my daughters. Both my girls are also quite into action and they like that genre a lot and they enjoy watching it.”

She also states, “It’s coming in different languages, and I am trying to get my kids to talk in Tamil. And Naruto is also coming to Tamil. There’s no age limit to enjoy Naruto. It’s a cult of its own. If you are not watching it then you are missing out on something.”

Esha also said that if Naruto is ever adapted into a film, she would like to play the lead role if it’s done in a female version.

Gender-bend Naruto avatar? Cannot wait!


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