Fate/Grand Order movie to release in July 2021!

The key visual for the upcoming anime movie Fate/Grand Order Final Singularity – Grand Temple of Time: Solomon is out now. The movie’s storyline will continue from the final act from Fate/Grand Order’s Part 1 of the main story.

This obviously means that for people who have not played the game yet, the movie will be filled with spoilers. According to their website, the movie will release in Japanese theaters on July 30, 2021.

Toshifumi Akai has directed this movie; Cloverworks, which was also behind their earlier movie Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia, is behind this version. Babylonia is currently available on streaming services such as Crunchyroll. 

You can watch the PV for Fate / Grand Order-Ultimate Singularity Crown Time Temple Solomon here!

Fate/Stay is a series much loved by Anime lovers from all across the world. To say nothing about the fact that, RPG “Fate/Grand Order” which was made for smartphones has already achieved 61 million downloads worldwide.


You will get to experience a brand new mystic code for Ritsuka Fujimaru, it is unknown if the mystic code will appear in-game following the release of the movie. As shown in the trailer, this arc introduces a large number of returning cast of Servants from earlier in the story.

To name a few, Florence Nightingale from E Pluribus Unum and Francis Drake from Okeanos make a comeback.

About the game

If you are an RPG game lover, you can download Fate/Grand Order which is currently available worldwide on mobile devices.

The game’s Japanese version is currently based on events outside of the Holy Grail Front versus Merlin. The English version of the game has a different flow, specifically a story-focused murder mystery.

Fate/Grand Order Final Singularity – Grand Temple of Time: Solomon will release in theaters in Japan on July 30, 2021.

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