Few Japanese words you will mainly hear in Anime!

Hey, Japan lovers from India! Are you a huge fan of anime? Then this list is for you! In our previous article, we had spoken about a few anime you can watch to learn the Japanese language. In this article, we have created a list of Japanese words that you will mainly hear in Japanese Anime.

The words used in an anime is something that is close to real-life conversations that take place in Japan. However, there are certain words that are quite commonly used in Japanese animated shows. For a non-native person, we might sometimes use these words unknowingly but it might have a different association in reality than in anime shows.

We have compiled a list of 10 Japanese words/phrases that you’re sure to hear while watching your favorite anime shows!

Kawaii (かわいい) – Cute, Adorable

“Kawaii ne!” is a phrase that is constantly used in Japanese anime shows. It describes anything that can be seen as cute and adorable.

Chotto Matte ちょっとまって  – One moment, please!

You can use this phrase when you want someone to wait for you.  An example of the word usage, When your friend is walking too fast, you can say ちょっとまって!(Chotto Matte!)

Arigato ありがとう – Thank you!

One of the most famous Japanese words, “Arigato” is a common word in the anime world. It means “thank you” in Japanese and is used liberally even in real life, due to the polite culture of the country.

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Moshi Moshi も し も し – Hello

Anime, non-anime, Moshi Moshi is another really well-recognized Japanese word equivalent to an Indian “Namaste”, Moshi moshi is a popular way of greeting after you picking up a phone call.

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Sugoi! すごい – Excellent, amazing

A special mention about the word Sugoi with our brand name.  Super Sugoii started because of the brand vision of creating something amazing for our audience. Sugoi in Japanese means excellent, amazing and is used as an exclamation statement to something exciting.

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Sou desuka そうですか – I see

Sou ka is an accompanying statement and not an independent statement in itself. Usually, an anime character will say “I see” to something they are being told,  but nevertheless, it’s a common phrase and well known in the anime community.

Daijōbu 大丈夫 – It’s okay

Daijobu is often used in a way similar to the phrase “it’s going to be alright,” it means “okay” and is frequently used when a character is trying to comfort someone!

Baka ばか – Idiot

Usually used in a casual and playful manner, this word is exclaimed in irritation or frustration to describe someone as “dumb” or “an idiot.”

Yosh よし – All Right!

Yoshi or Yosh in Japanese is used to conveys a meaning like “OK, I’m going for it,” or “I’ll do my best”!

Gomenasai ごめんなさい – Sorry

Another brilliant example of a common Japanese word used in real-life is Gomenasai or “I am sorry”. This word is well known and is one of the most frequently used dramatic words in the  world of Japanese anime.

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Japan’s anime has taken the entertainment world to a whole new level. There are various other Japanese phrases that have gone viral on social media, like Omae wa mo shindeiru – Nani”. Phrases like this are derived from anime and it has become an internet sensation.

Anime phrases can go beyond language barriers and can connect people, even if they can’t speak Japanese. As a general rule, people should keep in mind to be respectful in real life before saying anime phrases to someone else.

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