How Manga Planet India is expanding the definition of Indo-Japan Manga collaboration

After a successful launch in the year 2015, Manga Planet India is back in action this year!

This year too this project is aiming to have a positive Indo-Japan collaboration that combines the talent of few of the best Indian and Japanese Manga artists to create a memorable Manga experience. These Manga titles have been created in alliance with the internationally well known artist Kasuga Yasunori who was a part in the production team of “Ghost in the Shell S.A.C”. and “Eden of the East.”

In 2015 too, the Manga Planet Project created multiple Manga editions aiming to attract young followers through interesting content globally and in India.

One such Manga titled ‘Breakers’ gave us two really memorable characters Akane and Satoru which were bought to life in India by well known Mangaka duo Krishna Balram Banarjee(Xong Bros), and immortalised by popular Indian Cosplayers Niha Patil (Niha Novacaine) and Ajay Kapoor (The Procrastinator Man).

This year, with 2 additional intriguing titles in their collection, Manga Planet India has tied up with the Super Sugoii team to once again create one of the biggest Indo-Japan Pop Cultural collaboration through this Project.

When asked the mastermind of this initiative, Hidekatsu Shimono about his vision, he says, ‘The passion of Indian Otakus towards Japanese content is really inspiring. I have witnessed it myself during one of the Pop-Culture events and I really look forward to seeing this culture grow. We look forward to everybody’s support to help us with a successful project.’

Team Super Sugoii together with Manga Planet India hopes that this project can help us realize our goal in becoming an important position of cultural exchange that connects the world’s fans with Japanese content. Do follow us on our Facebook pages and @supersugoii2015 for more exciting updates and news about this project!

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