Japan’s 7-Eleven releases brilliant anime ads!

Japan has once again shown the world where its creative strength lies. The brand 7-Eleven released three magical anime ads for Japan. This is a three short commercial video of this series.

7-Eleven Commercial Video 1

The first video revolves around sisters Hitomi and Nanami who miss their father. Hitomi is a high school runner and Nanami is a part of a photo club. She uses a camera full of the memory of her father. Do these sisters have each other’s back?

Japan’s 7-Eleven Ad 2

Akira and Toru are going to graduate. The two are best friends who have spent three inseparable years together. But they will go on different paths from spring. Akira remembers the first day she met Toru. They have mixed feelings about saying goodbye. Are they missing out on confessing something important?

Japan’s 7-Eleven Ad 3

Childhood friends Hitomi and Akira have been close since they were little kids. They will be graduating soon too. Akira asks Hitomi a question that changes everything. “Are you okay with me?” These words, were they serious or a joke? Will they be able to reveal true feelings that couldn’t get addressed due to their constant proximity to each other?

These ads feature noteworthy names from the Japanese animation Industry.

The animation of the commercial was managed by Answer Studio Co. Ltd (The team that assisted in animation production in Makoto Shinkai’s ‘Your Name’). Award-winning mangaka Shiina Karuho created the character design (Creator of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You). It was directed by Hiroshi Kawamata.

The Project also features the song“Day Dream Believers” by yama. The ad’s protagonist, Nanami’s voice was voiced by actress Haruka Fukuhara. Previously, she acted in the live-action version of Kakegurui.

The official page of Japan’s 7-Eleven also released TVCM along with these brilliant anime ads! the TVCM is titled “Tokimeki wa, Sugu Soba ni” (“What Makes Your Heart Thrill is Right Nearby”), and it shares a beautiful message that one doesn’t have to go on a big adventure to find satisfaction because the little things in life – such as unexpected meetings and everyday pleasures – are waiting to happen just around the corner.

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Feature Image: ScreenShot from the Official Youtube video.

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