Namma Otakus ~

Team Super Sugoii visited the city of Chennai this month. Besides the smell of Filter ‘kapi’ and the delicious cuisines, we found that the Anime culture in this city is just as strong as everywhere else. We had a fun time hanging out with the otakus from this city. Just like any other city, Chennai has its style of Anime following which is unique in its own way.
The culture of Anime fan clubs grew rapidly in India since its inception around 10 years ago. Comparing the current scenario to the one back in 2009, one realizes just how much this culture has expanded over the last decade. The otakus could be seen comfortable in each other’s presence. This is due to the fact that they have been friends for a long time and know each other with such familiarity.

Cosplayer : Rubina Raphael (AkaiRyu Cosplay)

We had an extensive conversation with versatile members of the pop-culture community during our meet. Rubina Raphael, a Chennaite, a cosplayer and an event manager is an extremely active member of the Japanese Pop Culture Community in Chennai. She constantly strives hard to promote this culture in the City through regular meet-ups and social media. Apart from her, other otakus from the currently active Anime Community; The Chennai Anime Meetup Group, were very enthusiastic in discussing the current Japanese Pop-culture scene and what they envision for the future of this culture in this southern city of India.

The Chennai Anime Meetup Group is a Whatsapp and a Facebook group where all these people (and more) are part of. Priority of this group is to maintain an active fanbase of Anime within Chennai. They discuss and plan for meetups and anime screening sessions. Though it still has a long way to walk, the culture is taking steps towards reaching there. Soon enough, the lovely fans from this city will experience the heights they can take the Anime culture to.
What was surprising was the speed at which the time passed over a cup of hot coffee and the company of Anime lovers. Shortly later, we bid adieu and walked out into the humid but welcoming atmosphere. “Vandhaarai Vazhavaikum Chennai” is the motto of the city.
It means that the city is welcoming and will help anyone who comes in finding a life here. We are sure the culture from the far east is getting its share of life just around the corner in this city of South.

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