NECOGURASHI : An ASMR anime audio series

Imagine a world where anime characters talk to you, soothe you, and helps you relax. ASMR anime audio series is relatively unheard of in India. And, NECOGURASHI is one such series that has been gaining popularity in Japan recently.

We will lead you to the world of ASMR anime audio. Also, guide where and how you can access the content in the following article!

NECOGURASHI – A world of unique cat-girls!

The series NECOGURASHI takes place at Nekomeikan, an inn located in a world between worlds, and features several unique cat-girls. The cat-girl who wins the Chosen One’s favor (the listener) will be selected as a shrine maiden and allowed to reincarnate on Earth.

In June 2020, Season 1 of NECOGUTASHI was released in an audio format for the first time. Since then, it has been attracting attention for its fusion of ASMR and story elements and the use of popular voice actresses from Japan.

Official website – newly launched!

The series recently launched its official website for its season 3. On this website, fans will find the latest information on the NECOGURASHI series, including episode summaries, character introductions, 4-panel manga comics. Although, the main language of this website is Japanese.

[Earpick / Sigh] Cat gurashi. 3 ~ Mike Cat Girl and Cat Mayama ~ [CV: Sumire Uesaka] [CANDY VOICE]

Image Credits: DLsite
Illustration / Character Design: Booota
Scenario: Ai Enki Performance
Production: CANDY VOICE

What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for an autonomous sensory meridian response that gives a relaxing, meditative sensation that begins on the scalp and moves down the body. Besides, it is most commonly triggered by visual or auditory stimuli.

Recently, this phenomenon is going viral on social media, and many ASMR-related sounds and videos have been posted to these platforms.

In this series, a sound-producing group named Candy Voice has gotten involved. Candy Voice pursues audio entertainment and works with multiple talented artists. For instance, voice actors/actresses, sound production teams, etc. Therefore, their works are fulfilled in various combinations of ASNR sounds with interesting storylines.

About NECOGURASHI – Season 3

“Off to Nekoma Mountain!”, Season 3 of NECOGURASHI is now available on the DLsite!


Where/How can you access the content?

Indian audiences who love to soothe themselves with the relaxing sound of ASMR can now access a set of NECOGUTASHI ASMR. The approximate cost is 1980 yen (around 1300 INR) with featured ASMR sounds. For instance, scalp massage, ear massage, piggyback ride of Mike cat, back massage/foot fluff, stroking head Sounds, knee pillows, mountain winds, vegetation sounds, calico cat sighs, etc. among other things.

For more details, visit the DLsite.

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