Figurine alert! Popular anime SSSS.DYNAZENON

SSSS DYNAZENON, a recent 2021 anime has a bunch of cool mercs released by the Good Smile Company. Oh, how we miss getting mass-scale anime merchandise in India!

Asukagawa Chise, a character from this anime has been released as a new figure for their “POP UP PARADE” figurine series.

Let’s talk about SSSS. Gridman anime

SSSS.Gridman is a remake of the classic series Denkou Choujin Gridman (aka Gridman the Hyper Agent). The show ran for only a single year in the early 1900s.

You will find a cross-dimensional world, where Gridman, a police officer, works with a group of kids. Together they stop monsters from within the computer world.

The recent series, SSSS.Dynazenon is an extension of Gridman. It has already been praised for its fantastic early episodes. Many are saying that the show is laying the foundation for something amazing. We cannot wait to access it, once it is released all across the globe.

Cool SSSS DYNAZENON merchandies

You can reserve these limited edition figurines between May 7, 2021 (Friday) 12:00 to June 2, 2021 (Wednesday) 21:00 (Japan time). The figurines along with multiple others from other anime series are available for purchase at the official store.

The character below is that of “Asuka River Chise” from the TV anime SSSS.DYNAZENON.  The character merchandise has a mischievous pose with a unique fashion.

SSSS.DYNAZENON Product Details

Product name POP UP PARADE Chise Asukagawa
Release month September 2021
Price 3,900 yen (tax included)
Specifications ABS & PVC painted finished product, non-scale, with dedicated pedestal
Height Approximately 150mm
Prototype production Manabu Kato
Coloring Hiroto Tanimoto
Publisher Good Smile Company
Distributor Good Smile Company

What is” POP UP PARADE “?

Popup Parade is a new figure series that pursues a figure-fan-friendly shape. You will find them to be affordable and easy to pick up and decorate size. (height 17-18 cm). These items can be delivered to you quickly but have about 4 months of reservation time.

If you are interested in buying these figurines, visit the website and check out their shipping policies and other cool stuff!

About the Good Smile Company

The company develops the planning, production, manufacturing, and sales of Japan’s world-class figures and toys.

In recent years, the Good smile company has expanded beyond the framework of figures to the anime content business, both in Japan and overseas.

They are actively collaborating with overseas artists and taking on the challenge of disseminating Japanese culture to the world in various ways.

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