Super Sugoii-con Vol.1 Special Guest: Manga Planet


Ask any Anime & Manga lovers in India and they will say how they love to read Japanese comics like Fairy Tail, One Piece, The Black Butler, Bleach, or any other manga out there.

An Indian reader ideally might not prefer reading scanlations and would love to protect the Japanese anime and manga industry by choosing not to participate in illegal behaviors. But, as of 2020, they are consistently faced with an added dilemma of restrictive access to legal anime and manga content in our country, with almost no brands in India providing affordable and exclusive access to this genre. Here’s where Manga Planet comes in!

To spread manga culture worldwide

Manga Planet started as a collaborative project between Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. and FANTASISTA, INC to publish original manga for the world and share the latest in manga culture, events, and more with manga fans overseas. The brand is creating intercultural and global conversations among manga fans, artists, editors, and publishers and enabling creators to make new stories, art, and manga.

Starting out as a Facebook Page in 2012, Manga Planet grew into a project between Japanese manga publishers and creators to interact with manga and anime fans. In 2015, they attended the Cool Japan Festival in Mumbai and the Delhi Comic-Con and Manga Planet Cosplay Walk, in Bengaluru. To forge relationships with manga fans in India, they have supported and participated in many more manga and anime events in India.

Intending to bring manga to fans from all over the world, they began publishing The Golden Age of Decadence and After School! in 2017. Manga Planet Library, a subscription service for officially licensed Japanese manga launched in November 2019. Readers who subscribe to the brand and pay a flat monthly fee will have access to our expanding library of manga. Currently, the Library has 58 manga titles and more titles will be added in the coming months.

For the Indian audience

Since the beginning, Manga Planet has showcased faith in the Indian Otaku community and have been consistently working hard in breaching the gap between Japan and India. They have been a part of multiple pop-culture events in India which allowed the brand to understand the Indian Anime, Manga, and Cosplay community.

In 2020, Manga Planet India’s social media profiles, (a dedicated platform by Manga Planet for the Indian community) consist of the LARGEST Indian followers on Facebook and respectable support from the passionate Indian youth on Instagram and Twitter communities.

Meet the team behind Manga Planet at Super Sugoii-con Vol.1 on 27th September!

Team Super Sugoii has teamed up with Manga Planet to bring to you a special session dedicated to celebrating Japanese manga culture, at Super Sugoii-con Vol.1, a digital event that celebrates Japanese Pop-culture in India!

At this event, Manga Planet will discuss their brand as well as share a special plan they have for India in the future 🙂

Do look forward to it on 27th September 2020!

To check out Manga Planet’s social media for the Indian audience:
Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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