MARS RED OP Theme “ARIA OF LIFE” by Wagakki Band captivates all!

We would love to get a good dollop of vampire hunting stories any day! MARS RED is a highly-anticipated new historical vampire anime series that premiered a while back in Japan. International rock band Wagakki Band released the animated video version of ARIA OF LIFE across streaming platforms today. This song’s lyrics showcase the essence of vampires and it reflects the anime’s unique theme.

Wagakki Band is well known for performing Japanese pop music with traditional instruments. You will find the featured song hopeful and dreamy, with an essence of Japan for the international fans.

“ARIA OF LIFE” by Wagakki Band

The band’s original video of ARIA OF LIFE gained over 1 million views in a very short period of time. The animated version of the song just aired today. In this video, you will see a sneak peek into the future of anime. The MV is created especially as a collaboration of music and anime that complement each other with a great fabricated realistic effect.

ARIA OF LIFE – Music Video

If you missed the trailer for MARS RED featuring ARIA OF LIFE, you can sink your teeth into it below. We hope you’ll enjoy the animation as well as the unique art style.

MARS RED- Most interesting historical vampire anime of recent times

Mars Red is an anime series is based in 1923, Japan. The trailer gives us a brief glimpse of opulent architecture and fashion, which is a hallmark of the era. The existence of vampires in such a unique setup is something you should watch out for. In fact, we couldn’t miss the fact that vampires posed such a threat to society that a government-sanctioned agency was created to capture them.

‘MARS RED’ is written by Bun-O Fujisawa who is a popular person in the world of music recitation drama. The horror historical anime is based on a stage play, which later received a manga adaptation.

Kemuri Karakara is the character illustrator of this anime (‘Donten ni Warau-Laughing under the cloud ‘and ‘Rengou ni Warau’). Series composition and the screenplay was done by Junichi Fujisaku (screenplay of ‘Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex’ and director, series composition, direction, and screenplay of ‘Blood+’)

In the story, we follow Maeda Yoshinobu who is asked to come back to active duty to tackle vampires in Japan. With the end of WWI as a background where rapid social and technological changes were rampant, Maeda must investigate the increase of vampiric activity and the new, mysterious artificial blood source known as Ascra.

The ’16th Special Force’, is called ‘Code Zero’. They are a unit formed against vampires by the Japanese government in the Taisho era. This TV anime is on air on Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation, TOKYO MX, and it is available for watching worldwide through Bilibili and Funimation.



Shutaro KurusuCVTasuku Hatanaka
Yoshinobu MaedaCVJunichi Suwabe)
Tokuichi YamagamiCVKoichi Yamadera
TakeuchiCVAkira Ishida
SuwaCVKenichi Suzumura
Sonosuke Nakajima (CVHiroshi Yanaka
Aoi ShiraseCVFumiko Orikasa)
Deffrot(CVMiyuki Sawashiro)
MisakiCVAyashi Takagaki
Rufus GlennCVMakoto Furukawa)
Shinnosuke TenmayaCVSachi Kokuryu


Written by Bun-O Fujisawa 
Directed by Kohei Hatano 
Series composition and screenplay by Junichi Fujisaku
(screenplay of ‘Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone
Complex’ and director,
series composition, direction, and screenplay of ‘Blood+’)
Character draft by Kemuri Karakara
Donten ni Warau-Laughing under the cloud  Rengou ni Warau’) 
Character design by Yukari Takeuchi
Character design of  Norn +Nonetto’, director of the every
story of  ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 
Design works: Daisuke Niizuma / Setta 
Art Director: Hiroshi Kato (Totonyan) / Hirofumi Sakagami (Totonyan 
Color design: Mitsuko Sekimoto 
Director of photographyHidenori Manaka (J.C.STAFF 
CG DirectorTakuji GotoTri- Slash 
EditorRie Matsubara 
Music DirectorBun-O Fujisawa 
MusicToshiyuki Murakami 
Direction chiefShinya Sadamitsu 
Animation productionSIGNAL.MD 

Wagakki Band

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Who would have thought that a show about vampire hunting in Japan in the 1920s would be so emotional and aesthetically pleasing?

Bun-O FujisawaSIGNAL.MDMARS RED production committee    |     Project for the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Yomiuri-TV Enterprise

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