Customise your own ‘Witch Hat Atelier’ stickers

A world where there is magic all around is the world of Witch Hat Atelier. Magic in this world can only be done by witches, who have inherited their special powers. This is the world of Coco, the main protagonist. But she has no magical powers. Or, does she? This series has special “on-demand stickers” now available on the “Petat Tokyara” app.

Witch Hat Atelier created by Kamome Shirahama, is an award-winning manga published on Kodansha. As of December 2020, it is very popular with a collective circulation of over 2.5 million copies worldwide.

How to use “Petat Tokyara” stickers?

“Petat Tokyara” is an on-demand sticker app that allows you to create and purchase original stickers of your favorite characters. Once you are done creating the custom stickers, you can then get them shipped to your location! More details below:

The brand will deliver a sticker just for you with kawaii frames, characters, and custom original messages. The material of the seal is waterproof with excellent durability. The sticker surface is glossy and the sealing surface is protected from scratches and dirt, so you can even attach it to smartphones and PCs that you often carry around. It can also be attached to the handle of an umbrella or a mug that gets wet with water.
The selling price of stickers starts from 660 yen (tax included) which is around 440 INR, per sheet. You can arrange the size and color of stickers from a maximum of 15 cm to a minimum of 13 mm, and you can place up to 30 stickers of your choice on a B5 size mount.

Petat Tokyara App download

You can download this app on

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Copyright: © Kamome Shirahama / Kodansha

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