ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA-An experience-based digital museum

Zukan Museum in Ginza is opening an experience-based digital museum for visitors where you can meet creatures that you could only see in the picture book, especially with museums being a few of the hardest-hit businesses since the onset of the coronavirus. Restrictions continue to obstruct tourist numbers or diminish visitors completely.

What is an experience-based digital museum?

Zukan Museum in Ginza will let you feel the breath of animals. You can also go on to meet other creatures while exploring the space where digital and real are fused.

Of course, this is a new type of experience-based experience where you can submerge yourself in. This museum is a “living museum where nature of the earth is condensed”.

Alexandra’s Birdwing Ageha

Today is an era of overflowing information and various technologies are updated daily. In this experience, instead of turning the actual pages of books, all creatures coexist with each other. After experiencing a new pictorial book experience, you can experience the “nature of the earth” with all five senses by “visiting” the space and time of the world you are living in.


Meadow zone

Forest zone (daytime)

Forest zone (night)

ZUKAN MUSEUM GINZA is based on the illustrated book NEO powered by Shogakukan

Understandably, this project started before the COVID disaster. The purpose at that time was to develop immersive and hands-on academic entertainment as a new Ginza landmark. The targeted launch was that of a post-Olympic Games activity, the year after the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.

However, with the unexpected corona wreck, the issue of “post-Olympic games” changed its appearance. On the other hand, the value of “real” and “experience” and the need for experiential consumption is even higher. In addition, as awareness of SDGs and environmental issues gradually increases in the world, it is a big move to respect and understand the “earth,” “nature,” and “creatures .”

When imagining the possibility of an experience space that brings together the know-how of content holders and content creative-related companies, you can now learn in a world that has a new sense of experience-based academic entertainment space that stimulates people’s creativity.

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