Celebrate Halloween 2020 at Shibuya’s Au 5G Halloween Fes!

The global pandemic has played havoc in every possible entertainment event in our lives. Nothing is as scarier as COVID 19 in itself, not even the scariest night of the year!

Photo by Colton Sturgeon

Impact of CoVID 19 on Halloween 2020 events across the world

As expected, countries all across the globe have taken a back seat from the usual Halloween celebration. Most major events have transitioned to online activities replacing the usual exhibit of cosplayers taking to the streets with a temporary digital solution.The world-famous Shibuya’s Halloween Parade also known as Au 5G Halloween Fes is one such event to have shifted online. The event is known for its creative approach to cosplaying. After all, it is taking place in the land where Cosplay originated.

Photo by Luca Florio

Indian cosplayers can attend the Shibuya’s Au 5G Halloween Fes! from home

Even though we will miss out on the event’s extravagant showcase, there is good news for all! This parade is now open to everybody across the world! Cosplay lovers from India here is the registration link to register yourself if you wish to be a part of this celebration!
Visit the event website: Click here

More details can be found on their official Twitter handle.
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Happy Halloween India, hope you have a spooky and a Super Sugoii Halloween!

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