Exclusive Interview : Kisaragi Nel @ PGAX19 Chennai

Super Sugoii is collaborating with Kisaragi Nel from Japan for the first time this year for the Phoenix Gaming and Anime Expo 2019 in Chennai. (Title sponsor : ONE PLUS India. The event is hosted by Phoenix MarketCity Chennai and Organised by Arknemesis Gaming and Super Sugoii.)  Kisaragi Nel will be the Guest judge for one of the biggest Cosplay contests in the country; ONE PLUS Cosplay Festa 2019. The event is from 27-29 September 2019!

We are really excited to bring to you an exclusive interview with Kisaragi Nel from Japan!

Exclusive Interview : Akira Konomi @ PGAX19 Chennai

September 25, 2019

Please introduce yourself to the Indian Audiences!

Hello! My name is Nel Kisaragi, a Japanese photographer. I’m good at cosplay photo shooting, fine art and fashion photography using computer graphics!

What kind of image do you have about Indian cosplay community?

This is the first time for me to meet up with Indian cosplayers in my life. So, I have no idea actually.
I’m very excited to see them soon!

Please let us know what you are looking forward to as a guest judge for PGAX19.

I’d like to see an expression unique to the country that Japanese cosplayers can’t imagine!

Any special message for the Cosplayers and followers who will be visiting the venue in Chennai, India?

I’d love to take lots of photos along with Indian cosplayers.

2020 is also an Olympic year, but please let us know your future cosplay prospects

The coming year is one of the great opportunities to expand Japanese culture, anime, cosplay etc to the world. It would be great if I could plan something fun together with cosplayers!

You can see Nel san’s amazing artworks from here!

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