Important notice / Warning

It has been specifically brought to our notice that a person called JUSTIN LEO who apparently works for a hotel called “Ramada Plaza” in Bengaluru, is not only mistreating female Cosplayers but is also without remorse using our brand name SUPER SUGOII to promote their event called “Ramada Plaza Cosplay Cakewalk”.

As appalled and betrayed we feel right now, we believed we needed to urgently bring this information out to our fraternity, friends and collaborators. First of all, it is false that we are involved in the event called Ramada Plaza Cosplay Cakewalk. Second of all, it is extremely saddening to see cosplayers being mistreated and get exposed to such harassment. 

Super Sugoii®️ is exceptionally selective with brands and events we associate ourselves with and we work extremely hard for each and every project of ours. It is one of the crucial aspects for Hiroko Izumi and Rachita Saha the founders of Super Sugoii®️ to stay personally connected with our brands, our cosplay collaborators and our artists throughout a project.

Therefore, If we have not reached out to you personally in any capacity, please do not outright believe any entity who says that they are “working with Super Sugoii” or are using our brand name. Feel free to cross-check anything suspicious, anytime with either Izumi or Rachita. 

A warning to such brands:

Please do not think that you will be able to get away with such dirty tactics. For Super Sugoii®️, our brand name, virtue, and goodwill means more than anything to us. We wish to take strong action against the HOTEL RAMADA PLAZA (we have screenshots as proof of their communication with the said cosplayer) and the STAFF, Mr. JUSTIN LEO.

Till then, to all our friends and supporters; Stay safe. Stay strong, and continue having faith and love for this genre despite everything. We will always believe in looking after and supporting our collaborators and artists.

Thank you.

Rachita Saha & Hiroko Izumi
Super Sugoii®️


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