Japan Habba’ 19 ~ Cosplay Competition Countdown begins!

For the first time ever, Japan Habba, an Indo-Japanese Cultural, Industrial and Academic Exchange Event will hold a Cosplay Contest in Bangalore on 3rd February 2019.
This contest is hosted by India-Japan Startup Community and supported by the Consulate-General of Japan in Bengaluru. Approximately 10 registered Cosplayers will appear on-stage and showcase their beautiful costumes to the judges and the audience. At the end of the event 3 winners will be shortlisted by Special Guest judges of the Contest.

Vijay Sinha, one of the Cosplay Judges of the Contest, says, Japan Habba Bangalore has been an integral event for local cosplayers and fans of Japanese Pop Culture. I’ve been attending since 2014, and some of my best cosplay memories are from Habba. This year, a cosplay contest will be organized thanks to the
Consulate General of Japan (Bengaluru) and I have been approached to be one of the official judges. I look forward to seeing new and old cosplayers participating, and watching our cosplay culture continue to grow in India.”

Vijay Sinha Cosplay

Another judge will be from Square Enix, a Japanese video game developer company well known for its games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest etc.

Mr. Kitagawa, the Consul-General of Japan in Bengaluru is already full of energy for the contest and commented “Cosplay transformation this year for the Consul-General is ”SAMURAI”.  We look forward to multiple participation! Not only by the Cosplayers but newcomers too should be a part of it! Let’s enjoy everyone!”

Japan Habba Cosplay Contest details:

Event NameJapan Habba 2019 Cosplay Contest Consulate-General of Japan in Bengaluru
Date3rd February 2019, Saturday.
Time3pm – 5pm
VenueSeminar Hall C, IISC Auditorium
ContactMr. Ayumu Ononura

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