PGX & Monster Cosplay Festa’18 ~ Highlights

Super Sugoii partnered with the Phoenix Market City and Arknemesis Gaming in organizing one of the biggest Cosplay Showcases in Chennai at the Phoenix Gaming Expo from September 28-30. The Expo in itself created history in many ways.

Popular Cosplayers from all across India were invited to be a part of this event to showcase their skills in this wonderful city of South India.

The cosplayers with whom Super Sugoii had collaborated for this project were Ankit Singh from Jaipur, Ankita Kemkar and Vijay Sinha from Bangalore, Atharva Lobo, Gaurav Sawant,  Jeet Molankar, Sameer Bundela, Sana Khan, Surya Sreenivasan, Tanya Shringarpure and Tanzim Pardiwalla from Mumbai. The characters that these cosplayers showcased were never before seen by many individuals from Chennai.

This event was covered exclusively by various media. Below are some small snippets of it.



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