SPOGOMI at Cosplay Walk India 2020: Pop-culture turns into Social contribution

Spo Gomi at Cosplay Walk

Have you ever imagined that something you are passionate about can turn into a social contribution?

For the first time ever, Cosplay Walk India has collaborated with a Japanese Social Contribution initiative called SPOGOMI Sponsored by UNDP, Rakuten India, and SPOGOMI to bring an experience of another kind in India, for Japanese pop-culture enthusiasts. The activity will take place at St. Mark’s Road, Bengaluru on the 15th March during the Cosplay Walk India 2020.

What is SPOGOMI?

“Spo” of SPOGOMI is derived from the word “sport” and “Gomi” means garbage in Japanese. It is a social contribution initiative for cleaning up your town, “sport” means that teams compete to collect as much garbage as possible.

3 reasons why you should look forward to, and join the initiative

1. Easy & Fun!

SPOGOMI is an easy team sport that participating teams compete to collect as much garbage as possible in a specific area within the time limit. Each type of garbage has different points. A team that gets the most points will win the game.

2. Makes you Unique

If you join the initiative in cosplay, even in a light costume, you look really different and unique. You can contribute towards society in a fun way while utilizing the power of pop-culture that you have a passion for!

3. Look the World from a Different angle

After joining the initiative, you might realize that there is a lot of garbage on a street or you might feel that you are one of the members of society. Or you might want to know about other environmental issues in the country and the world. This awareness makes you a stronger and wiser person!

The initiative will be held at the Cosplay Walk India 2020 on 15 March, Sunday at St. Mark’s hotel & St. Mark’s Road in Bengaluru.
The details will be shared on the event page here.

Spo Gomi at Cosplay Walk

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