The Rise in Indian Cosplay Culture – CBAM

This year Super Sugoii is honored to be a part of the CBAM Awards 2021 organized by AnimationXpress for a panel discussion on “The Rise in Indian Cosplay Industry”.

Seasoned cosplayers from India Vijay Sinha (Game Designer & Cosplayer), as well as Dr. Tanya Shringarpure (Veterinarian & Cosplayer), will also be a part of this discussion. It is a pleasure for Super Sugoii to be a part of this activity that discusses cosplay culture in India.

Cosplay culture of India 🇮🇳

In India, Cosplay has been around for over a decade now. Pre-pandemic Cosplay culture had begun to gain more and more momentum in the country. In India, there are cosplay events organized in conventions, mall activities, college festivals, smaller promotional events, etc.

‘Cosplay’ or ‘costume play’ involves dressing up and celebrating your favorite character from a book, movie, tv shows, or video games. This can seem to some people as an activity that does not come with any benefits. But there are many popular cosplay events in the country, that organize events where cosplayers get to present their costumes. There are also cosplay contests and competitions that are gaining popularity in the country. The winning prizes of these competitions are often rewarding and support a cosplayer’s costume planning journey.

Today in India, cosplay can be enjoyed as a nice hobby or a professional paid activity.

In 2020, physical cosplay activities across the world had taken a massive set-back. During these times there have been digital activities and events like Super Sugoii-con that encouraged the celebration of this art-form and continued creating awareness of this culture in India.

About CBAM (From the official event website)

When you hear the word story, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Probably childhood for many of us, when you used to sit with those wide eyes, listening to the exotic tales of magic and wonder that your nana-nani narrated to you so enchantingly.

It is safe to say that even before we could make sense of the real world, we were lured into the imaginative world of stories created for us in our childhood which soon took the form of pictures and we got introduced to the world of comics.

Comic books have come as a saviour to many; right from being an escape from reality to being a travel buddy to being a stressbuster.

While the US, South Korea, Japan where the comic/webtoon/manga industry has been embraced and is thriving, India is a nation where comics have been available for a long time, but the industry and its talented artists and creators have yet to attain their rightful places under the sun.

The Comic Books & More (CBAM- pronounced SeaBAAM) Summit brings together the stakeholders of the industry under one roof, right from the comic creators to merchandisers to publishers to discuss the scope, challenges and ways to leverage the Indian comic industry.

The event has multiple activities planned for the 9th and 10th of April 2021. You can find the entire activity details and registration link here!

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