Agepan Time in Harajuku!

Harajuku, also known ‘Fashion Street’, is place where you can see some of the most craziest and funkiest fashion! So, we walk around different stores checking out the various eye-catching trends. After shopping or window shopping, we feel like eating something delicious. But we want something that is light on our wallet yet filling for our stomach. Most cafes here are quite expensive. So then where does one go?

Well, no need to fret! In a small street in the midst of the hustle and bustle of branded shops, there is a little stall that sells the most mouth-watering, tantalizing bread! What’s special about bread you ask? Well, it is deep fried in coconut oil and there are a variety of flavours to choose from like Coco bread, Coconuts bread, Matcha bread, etc. The name of this stall is called Coco Agepan, which means deep fried bread and it is known as Japanese school lunch bread. It is said to be popular among Japanese students.

At Coco Agepan, not only do you get flavoured bread but also drinks to go with it. There’s Coco-cola of course, brown sugar milk, tapioca tea, etc. The other day I went to Harajuku and happened to come across this place. I was able fill up my empty stomach with one bread and a drink all within 800 yen! You can find Coco Agepan next to Smokehouse Roaster in Harajuku. My recommendation is the Harajuku Special and Sakura bread. It goes well with Caramel Milk! If any of you head to fashion street, do check out this aromatic bread stall!

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