Bengaluru saw the second Japanese Food Fest!

How many of you love Japanese food? I’m sure there are many who would love to try eating it, especially using chopsticks.

On November 11th, 2018 at Shangri-La Hotel, Bengaluru saw the second Japanese Food festival conducted by the Consulate of Japan. There were stalls set up by the Japanese restaurants in Bengaluru and some even came from Gurgaon! What could drive these restaurants to come so far for the food festival you ask? Well, about two months ago, Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bengaluru decided to conduct a Sushi Contest to give Bengaluru a special roll like the California Roll. For vegeterians the roll is called “Banga Roll” and for non-vegetarians it is called “Gamba roll”.

All the restaurants did their very best to come up with many different types of rolls. At this food fest, it wasn’t just Bengalurians but also Japanese and French who were part of the crowd eager to taste Japanese food! The Consulate of France had been invited to this event as by Mr Takayuki Kitagawa, the Consulate of General of Japan, Bengaluru. Gyoza, Hashimaki, Wagashi (Japanese sweets), Sushi, Yasai Itame, Matcha ice cream (Green Tea icecream) etc weren’t the only highlights! We also got a taste of Japanese sake (rice wine), Green Tea and Irish beer!

The event began at 11am and ended at 5pm. In the morning half, there was a Karaoke session where many enthusiastic people performed Japanese song and ended danced to a song! The second half saw many interesting demonstrations such as a violin performance, Koto performance and Karate demonstration to name a few. And last but not the least, Kannada songs were sung by the ever-popular singer in Bengaluru, Mr. Kazumasa Kuboki.

The Results of Sushi competition

The Sushi competition results were announced at the end. Harima restaurant won the prize for Gamba roll and Sarasa Japanese restaurant won the prize for Banga roll. All the recipes that each restaurant tried for the competition will be added to their menus. I’m sure a lot of are already drooling at the thought of trying these rolls, aren’t we?

The Vege roll by Sarasa Japanese restaurant won the Banga Roll

The Non-Vege roll by Harima restaurant won the Ganba Roll

Japan Food Fest’18 in Bangalore is here!

October 10, 2018

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