CITY HUNTER goes on stage!

Anime Stage performances are a huge deal in Japan. Therefore it is no surprise to find out that Anime shows are often modified into live stage shows. You can imagine them to be Cosplayers who are experienced, talented actors. Our favorite vintage anime, City Hunter has just been adapted into a Live Stage Show!

About City Hunter

Ryo Saeba is a bodyguard and a private eye. He is also the star of “City Hunter”. We are pretty sure you know that he is one of the greatest perverts in the world of anime/manga. So really, it shouldn’t be a surprise that in Ryo’s latest adventure he is once again caught in circumstances that surround beautiful young ladies around him.

City Hunter by Takarazuka Revue

Japan’s renowned all-female theater troupe, the Takarazuka Revue, has announced that its newest production will be a stage adaptation of “City Hunter.” “Musical City Hunter: The Stolen XYZ.” is unlike any existing story from the 1985 classic. It is a new musical recital.

Apparently, in this stage show, the twist is that this time around Ryo is going to transform into a beautiful young lady too.

The original cast for the Takarazuka stage play will be all women. Sakina Ayakaze enacts the role of Ryo. Kikiwa Asazu will be Ryo’s partner Kaori. Other characters include Mick Angel, Hideyuki, and Umibozu. At least these are the ones visible on a background in the production’s official poster. They are staying mostly true to the iconic manga. These characters are very cosplay-friendly.

Even though these are physical events taking place in one of the top theatres in Japan. We believe this is still a piece of interesting news for the Indian audience. Indian cosplayers, this could perhaps be a thought-starter for you!

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