Nyan! Happy National Cat Day Japan??

Nyan! February 22 is celebrated as the National Cat day (Neko no hi) in Japan. This is mainly because of the resemblance of the Japanese Number ‘2’ with the word “Nyan”. The date is literally pronounced as “Nyan Nyan Nyan” in Japan. Cat lovers from all across Japan choose to celebrate and pamper their feline friends on this day.

Cat day holds a deeper social purpose. It is also an awareness day to inform people about the number of cats that need to be rescued each year in the country along with celebrating the love and friendship cats shower us with.

Cat Cafes

Japan has multiple cat cafes and stores that are dedicated to their love for Neko chan. On this day, such cafes are usually crowded with proud cat owners pampering their little companions.

Cat Island in Japan!

Do celebrate your love for cats❤︎

There are also special dedicated social media accounts for cats in Japan.


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All in all, any dedicated day that allows us to celebrate such intelligent friends is a sugoii day indeed! Do you love cats?? ?

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