Pixiv & Kyoto University of the Arts launches an Illustration Course!

Kyoto University of the Arts has launched its own Illustration course in partnership with Pixiv!

Kyoto University of the Arts

The Kyoto University of the Arts initiated Japan’s first four-year correspondence course for arts in the year 1998.  Every year, more and more applicants keep applying for this course. Recently, the applicants for the course alone reached a record high.

5,013 people participated in the online trial lessons and briefing sessions held once a month (since November 2020). More than 300 illustrators posted their work on social media each time the trial lessons were held. It attracted a lot of attention, as well as trended on Twitter.

Pixiv resonates with the educational philosophy of Kyoto University of the Arts. Their corporate mission is to “create a place where creative activities become more enjoyable. The KUA university is known to make the most of creativity in society.

Both the teams have been working hand in hand to expand creative culture and foster creators. They have recently also introduced joint classes! Through the alliance, they aim to support illustrators who demonstrate value in society by reflecting the mindset of the times with their creations.

The course is entirely digital!

The Design Department of the Correspondence Education Department of Kyoto University of the Arts developed this new course. Saying that the aim is to provide aspiring illustrators with knowledge and culture related to modern production techniques and creativity.

Curriculum details

You can learn the production techniques and knowledge to become a professional from teaching materials provided by about 30 professional illustrators.

If you enter the university for the first time you can graduate in a minimum of 4 years. If you have graduated from a university or junior college, or vocational school you can graduate in a minimum of 2 years by transferring during their 3rd year.

Since you can acquire all the credits required for graduation online at any time and place, we are providing an abode for specialized learning for people of all positions and professions. from young people over 18 years old to working adults.

Illustration Course Outline
Department of Design, Faculty of Arts, Correspondence Education Department, Kyoto University of the Arts
Opening date: April 1, 2021 (Thursday)
Tuition fee: 323,000 yen (annual)

Kyoto University of Arts Official Website

Pixiv Official Website


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