‘Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy’ wins Silver Bear award at Berlinale

Rysuke Hamaguchi’s Japanese movie ‘Wheel Of Fortune And Fantasy’ has won the Silver Bear grand jury award at Berlinale; The 71st Berlin International Film Festival (virtual edition)

About the movie: Wheel Of Fortune And Fantasy

Wheel Of Fortune And Fantasy by Rysuke Hamaguchi has a fresh approach to the otherwise overused narrative of splitting a movie into several different parts. This movie has a trio of charming slice-of-life stories about modern Japanese women divided against themselves. The first chapter is “Episode 1: Magic (or Something Less Assuring”) followed by “Episode 2: Door Wide Open” and the conclusive story of “Once Again”.

This results in the entire film’s winsome yet oddly heartfelt story-telling. Here is Ryusuke Hamaguchi thanking the Jury members through a video message for appreciating his movie. In the below video, he states, “I could never think of the film completed by a team so small amid the coronavirus pandemic would win an award at a big film festival like the Berlinale,” he said during an online press conference in Tokyo. (Source: kyodonews.net)

Here’s hoping that the movie receives an International release soon!

Featured Image Source: Kyodo News

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