Japan Summer Fashion 2021 Trends by “and myera”

“and myera” a Japanese fashion website by Felissimo have compiled their best summer style 2021 that is “polite and quiet”. Perfect for the work-from-home environment during this pandemic. We had recently covered an article about the history of Japanese streetwear aesthetics.

Summer style tips – and myera

So, what is trending in the Japanese fashion community this Summer 2021?

and myera by Felissimo has announced their new catalog for the summer of 2021. These items are available in their online store. Their lineup contains items that are nice and gentle. Apparently, the materials can survive the sweltering heat! Perfect for Indian weather perhaps? We thought this could be a perfect inspiration source for all the fashionistas in India.

The catalog, unique to and myra, includes linen items with a cool and rustic texture and a minimalist clean design. You can check the new works on the official website as well as on the digital catalog.

Most of the style prioritizes the feeling of coolness using linen blends, eg: the above neat skipper blouse. If you like fashion style that is focused more on comfort and loose-fit clothes, then this style is for you! If you would like Super Sugoii to bring more such content for you in India, do drop a comment below!



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Official Brand Website

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