Tokyo Skytree started a global campaign for a hope

Tokyo Skytree started a global campaign for a hope

Tokyo Skytree is the world’s tallest freestanding broadcasting tower and landmark of Tokyo. Technically, it is a digital terrestrial broadcasting tower and opened its doors in May 2012. Moreover, while supporting digital terrestrial broadcasting, it also serves as a disaster prevention facility in times of natural disasters.

There are two observation decks located 350 and 450 meters in height. They offer a beautiful view overlooking Tokyo and the Kanto region beyond. Also, the tower is entirely illuminated in various colors at night. The number of LED lights used is 2,362. And, The tremendous design perfectly fits with the unique night cityscape of Tokyo.

Tokyo Skytree to promote unity, equality, solidarity, and hope

Celebrating its ninth anniversary on May 22, Tokyo Skytree plays an essential role in promoting a positive image of Tokyo and Japan as a whole. There are two reasons for the initiative. Tokyo is having the world’s biggest sporting spectacle only two months away. The discussions about hosting a safe and successful event amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic are still going on. Therefore, Tokyo Skytree planed to become a beacon of hope, resilience, and positive energy through the project.

“Tokyo Skytree is an iconic feature of Tokyo landscape, and the world recognizes it,” said Ms. Kosugi, Skytree’s promotion leader.

“We want to play our part in showing Tokyo at its best. While at the same time providing a world-class venue with breathtaking backdrops for both local and international media organizations to help deliver a truly unforgettable global sporting event. And once it is safe for visitors to come back, we look forward to giving them a truly memorable experience,” she added.

The vibrant and innovative campaign’W1SH RIBBON DISCOVER & CONNECT THE WORLD

In April, Tokyo Skytree launched a vibrant and innovative campaign named ‘W1SH RIBBON DISCOVER & CONNECT THE WORLD‘ in cooperation with Leslie Kee. He is a photographer/film director born in Singapore, graduated from the Tokyo School of Visual Arts. In addition, he is the most internationally renowned fashion, art, advertisement, and celebrity photographer. Kee is the one who strongly believes in the purpose of this campaign.

Thousands of colorful ribbons with wishes inscribed have been attached to the ‘Tree of Hope’ monument located at the observation deck of Tokyo Skytree. Given the current travel restrictions, the campaign is also being driven via social media. People anywhere in the world can send in their wishes using the hashtag #W1SHRIBBON.

This global campaign aims to reaffirm the unity, solidarity, and hope of people in a challenging time for the entire global community. The campaign started with an exciting music video directed by Leslie Kee and featuring a host of his friends and celebrities. The song, ‘Live Out Loud’ performed by Kelsie Watts featuring Reezy (Mi$HNRZ), aims to promote unity, diversity, and inclusion.

Kansai Yamamoto designed unique fashion collections for the project

Leading fashion icon, Kansai Yamamoto who shares the same hope and passion of connecting the world interpreted the goals and vision of the campaign through his unique fashion collection. Specially designed to capture the essence of hope, unity, and equality his inspiring creations feature exquisite fabrics, bold designs, and vibrant colors.

Trivia of Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree was built on a Ley line that includes several important cultural and spiritual symbols. Actually, it connects the Kashima Shrine, Imperial Palace, Meiji Shrine, Tokyo Skytree, and Mount Fuji. That is to say, the Ley line creates a path of positivity and peace. At the same time, the spirit is at the essence of this campaign.

Since the Tokyo Skytree Town (a shopping mall) containing Tokyo Skytree opened, it has welcomed almost 290 million visitors in total. Before the global pandemic, about 30% of visitors came from overseas, and the ratio has been increasing every year. Customers from China and the United States represent the largest group of overseas visitors.

“We want to take this opportunity to highlight many of Tokyo’s unique attractions during this landmark year. Tokyo Skytree plays a central role in symbolizing unity, harmony, and success. And once it is safe for people to resume international travels, we want to build excitement about a trip to Tokyo and the iconic Tokyo Skytree,” Ms. Kosugi said.

For more information, please visit the project website here.

Tokyo Skytree started a global campaign for a hope

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