Experience an AR Kabuki performance!

AR Kabuki

Kabuki is a world-renowned traditional Japanese performance art, known as one of the three most famous Japanese traditional theater styles.

The name ‘Kabuki’ holds three kanji characters: ka(歌) means to sing, bu(舞) represents dance, and ki (伎) indicates skills or talent. In a literal sense, it means the art of song and dance. Moreover, the dramas depict tales derived from local history and myths incorporating music, mime, and dance with elaborate costumes and sets.

AR Kabuki

Experience Kabuki AR – The entertainment experience of the future

Recently, a Japanese theatre and entertainment company, Shochiku Co., Ltd., announced the release of “INTO by Shochiku.” It is an app that provides an “entertainment experience of the future.” That is to say, this AR app aims to achieve innovation in this traditional performance. Also, the brand wants people from all across the globe to enjoy watching a performance at any time and any place, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the Kabuki AR Performance?

A special video of a stunning AR performance will be distributed using three-dimensional effects. This “first” Augmented Reality (AR) Kabuki performance will utilize the features of AR technology. Ultimately, the technology creates a wholly new and exciting experience.

By combining this app with a special video, a lion spirit played by Kabuki actor Kataoka Ainosuke will appear through the camera of a smartphone or tablet. Effects like peonies and water spray will appear in three dimensions. It will move with the sound.

Kabuki acter

How can you enjoy this AR performance?

To watch the AR Kabuki performance, you need to download the “INTO by Shochiku” app on a smartphone or tablet. Then, you can watch the special performance video by holding up your smartphone/tablet while running this app. It is as simple as that.

AR Kabuki experience

Application Details:

Application name: INTO by Shochiku
Service name: Reverse Reality — KABUKI Performance “Shakkyo” —
Download URL: iOS | Android
Languages: English and Japanese

AR Kabuki

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