Dive into the Virtual World: Welcome India’s FIRST EVER “Virtual YouTubers”!

The latest trend on YouTube comes to India all the way from Japan

23 January 2020 – Mumbai


In November 2019, Japanese entertainment company ​Ichikara Inc​ announced the launch of its Virtual YouTuber project NIJISANJI in India. And now, January 2020 will see the much awaited start of India’s first ever Virtual YouTubers! ​NIJISANJI IN​ will be debuting three characters designed especially for the Indian audiences: ​Aadya​, ​Vihaan​ and ​Noor​.

Combining entertainment and technology, Virtual YouTubers (more widely known as ‘​VTubers​’) are digitally created characters that are voiced by real people. They use motion capture technology in realtime to generate video, which is usually live streamed on platforms like YouTube, Twitch etc. To understand this better, think Virtual Reality (VR) meets Apple’s Animoji.

This concept is the brand new face of digital entertainment and India’s first ever Virtual YouTubers ​debut on 23rd January​ on their social media!

Ichikara Inc. is one of the leading companies in the VTuber industry in Japan and ​the company administers the massively popular Virtual YouTuber Group “​NIJISANJI​”.​ A market leader in Japan, the company is also running their project successfully in China and Indonesia, and along with their recent launch in South Korea, thei​r current Virtual YouTuber count stands at a whopping 120, totaling over ​14 million subscribers​.

What are Virtual YouTubers and why this is exciting!

The digital content space has seen a massive revolution in recent years and there is no dearth of the type of content one can find online. The latest trend in the content space however, one that is rapidly growing, in East Asia especially are Virtual YouTubers, or more popularly known as “Virtual Livers” (Virtual Live Streamers).

Given the widespread appeal of gaming in India as well as the rapid growth in the popularity of Japanese entertainment, there’s a huge scope for Virtual YouTubers to find an audience and create a never-seen-before category of digital entertainment in India. ​The genre of the content varies from game streaming to comedy, to live illustrations, music covers (and even original music!). ​Audiences can expect a wide range of brand new content, so don’t forget to check out India’s first ever Virtual YouTubers!

Follow the newly debuted Virtual YouTubers over on their YouTube channels and social media to be updated about their live streaming schedules!

Aadya: ​Subscribe to Aadya on YouTube​ and follow her on ​Facebook​, ​Instagram​ and Twitter​.

Vihaan:​ ​Subscribe to Vihaan on YouTube​ and follow him on ​Facebook​, ​Instagram​ and Twitter​.

Noor:​ ​Subscribe to Noor on YouTube​ and follow her on ​Facebook​, ​Instagram​ and Twitter​.

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