Japanese VR to take the Pop Culture world by Storm!

The fourth edition of Global Exhibition on Services in India held in the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai had various countries participating in the exhibition to showcase their services and for the B to B networking sessions with various brands and other countries.

The most exciting of all for the Super Sugoii team was to experience the ‘Japan Pavilion’ which was organized this year in association with multiple companies. Representatives from companies like DNP, Kodansha VR Lab, Sunrise (Bandai Namco Group), Jump VR & DNP, GrowB Emotions and Projection Mapping by Naked.

I was awestruck when I visited the pavilion because this year’s theme was all about ‘Virtual Reality’ and Reality it was!

The entire outwardly experience was such that you feel your world suddenly gets transported into a virtual reality with technology so fine, that you actually feel like you are ‘in’ another world.

From singing along with kawaii J-Pop Idol Group Singers:

To playing archery and baseball games

To play ‘hitting the stars’ and working out

To visiting a Manga museum while literally sitting on a chair in India

To playing Board games:

To being a part of the Mobile Gundam Franchise as RX 78

To understanding how Projection Mapping works, the experience is educational!

It is astounding to see that this is what the future can be. Our generation has been exposed to the invention of internet, of multiple technological evolutions, to two dimensional and three dimensional digital content all our lives. Imagine living our daily lives with a scope to escape in our favorite virtual world?

Companies and Services in India should sit up and take notice of this next level of experience. Animated movies, Animated series, Super-hero movies; imagine a technology that makes you not just ‘watch’ a movie anymore, technology that actually lets you BE a character in the movie. Everywhere you look, everything is reality. If there is a war, we run, if there is a beach we rest, if there is a train we travel and if there is a baseball we hit. This is one world I can’t wait to get exposed to, can’t wait to turn to. A world which suddenly in a span of few minutes, makes reality seem too boring.

The Japanese representatives in the booth are really keen in the Indian Market too. When asked, Kodansha VR Lab Yuichi Matsushita said “Indian People love music and animation of Japan. I hope we can get really popular in India and the world”

Harada Satoshi from Jump VR says “We can replace many contents with virtual reality JUMP Content. Now you can sit at home and find out how it feels to visit a museum in France, explore the art all from the comfort of your homes”
Yusuke Shimizu promoting board game ‘Cobit’ says “I wish to tap to the educational school for children through mind board games. I wish to spread education and world peace”

With such vision, one can only sit back and experience Japan being one of the key players in overtaking the VR technology in the world.

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