LUDO ZENITH made-in-India, for India by SQUARE ENIX!

Growing up in a pre-digital-era India, our nostalgic childhood memories are filled with simple fun-filled evenings playing a game of Ludo with our family and friends. Now, it is time to enter LUDO ZENITH by Japanese gaming giant SQUARE ENIX, the first made-in-India mobile game for the Indian market.

Square Enix’s Ludo Zenith ~ in India!

As most of us know, SQUARE ENIX is the gaming publisher behind legendary titles, for example, Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider, Just Cause, Sleeping Dogs, and more. This time, SQAURE ENIX (INDIA) has published a mobile game based on the popular board game Ludo, called Ludo Zenith, for the Indian audience.

The game is a free-to-play PVP game currently available for download on Andriod. Though, the iOS version will be available soon.

In an all-new, 3D format, it is also a highly competitive, action-packed take on India’s favorite board game.

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A Preview

This game is filled with path-breaking game experience and know-how, something that SQUARE ENIX is globally well known for. It aims to become the No. 1 Ludo Player by battling the strongest opponents nationwide and reaching the top league using unique and exciting abilities.

Game Features

The official website calls the following game features.

  • Rank progression – Start at the training arena, win matches and move across different ranks to reach the top – Zenith!
  • Character abilities – There are various characters to choose from. Each character can activate a unique ability when their energy is full.
  • Special Dice – Players can tactfully use various special dice to get high-number rolls and gain a huge lead over their opponents!
  • Ludo Arenas with 3D camera – First-of-a-kind cool 3D camera lets the player see the game in their favorite angle!
  • Player tags – Players get awarded exciting player tags once they unlock certain achievements in the game.

Ludo Zenith – Now available on Andriod

SQUARE ENIX has collaborated with Jetsynthesys for the game development and marketing. It is an Indian tech company behind popular games such as Sachin Saga Cricket Champions, Ludo Game: Super Ludo, WWE Racing Showdown, etc.
Ludo Zenith is available for download from the Google Play store in India. Let’s get our phones out and meet in the four-color digital world of Ludo Zenith!

For more details, visit the official website from here.

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