“METAL SLUG ATTACK” special game event for fans!

“METAL SLUG ATTACK” by SNK Co., Ltd. is extraordinary series of run-and-gun side scroller games. The franchise has been a staple in arcade video games since its debut in 1996.

The year 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the Metal Slug Attack.

The brand is pleased to announce a limited-time event “ONE CUT” that will be held from May 1st to May 8th in the iOS/Android application “METAL SLUG ATTACK”. New units “Silphy (SR unit)” and “Special Padua (R unit)” are also introduced at the event. Get a new unit that will be effective at this event and proceed to a gamer’s advantage!

“Silphy (SR unit)” and “Special Padua (R unit)”

Activity Details

ONE CUT May 1st Sat – May 8th Sat
■ Details
1) Clear the event-specific stage and earn points If you do, you will receive a luxurious reward
2) Moreover, after clearing the stage, “LARGE BATTLEFIELD” will appear with a probability
3) Clear “LARGE BATTLEFIELD” together with the event character and collect the reclaimed items
4) Collected Reclaimed items can also be exchanged for luxury rewards

Rewards & more!

Drum Slug (SR Unit)
A new regular army slug that has been developed to counter the Morden army is introducing new weapons one after another. The name “drum slug” was given because its appearance resembles that of a fried chicken leg.

Other game details:

■ Title
■ Genre
Tower Defense
■ Price
Basic free (with item charge)
■ Available for download at

App Store

Google Play

Official Website

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