Ninjala from GungHo got over 7 M download

Ninjala from GungHo got over 7 M download

GungHo Online Entertainment announced that Ninjala has exceeded 7 million downloads on a cumulative basis in the world.

Ninjala is a battle ninja gum action game for Nintendo Switch™. Players can enjoy unique, everchanging action using an item called ninja gum. Also, one of the highlights is free-roaming 3D action battles. It allows players to enjoy using various weapons and ninjutsu in stages that allow for movement in all directions. Moreover, by blowing bubbles using ninja gum, players can move at high speeds and make various attacks that change depending on weapons.

It is a free-to-play game. A player can download it for free and enjoy battle royal with up to 8 players. In addition, 4vs4 team battle is available without signing up for Nintendo Switch Online.


Thousand of players already have enjoyed the game worldwide. Amazingly, the number of downloads has exceeded 1 million for only 16 hours since its release. Furthermore, it got 7 million downloads in a year on a cumulative basis in the world. The game supports multiple languages. For instance, Japanese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean is included.

GungHo creates high-quality game content that gamers can enjoy all across the world based on the philosophy of “Challenge and Creation.” The brand tries to expand the company globally.

For more information on Ninjala, please visite the official website here.

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Ninjala from GungHo got over 7 M download

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