Here is your chance to be India’s FIRST EVER “Virtual Youtuber”!

The latest trend on YouTube comes to India all the way from Japan

18 November 2019 – Mumbai

The digital content space has seen a massive revolution in recent years and there is no dearth of the type of content one can find online. However, the latest trend in the content space, one that is rapidly growing, in East Asia especially, is something called “​Virtual YouTubers”​.

Combining entertainment and technology, Virtual Youtubers (more widely known as ‘​VTubers’​) are digitally created characters that are voiced by real people. They use motion capture technology in realtime to generate video, which is usually live streamed on platforms like Youtube, Twitch, etc. To understand this better, think Virtual Reality (VR) meets Apple’s Animoji.

This concept is the brand new face of digital entertainment and is launching for the very first time in India. ‘Virtual Youtubers’ will be launched in the country presented by Japanese company,​I​chikara Inc.​​under its flagship VTuber project ​NIJISANJI in.​

Ichikara Inc. is one of the leading companies in the VTuber industry in Japan and the company administers the massively popular Virtual Youtuber Group “​NIJISANJI”​.​ A market leader in Japan, the company is also running their project successfully in China and Indonesia and their current Virtual YouTuber count stands at a whopping 110, totaling over 9 million subscribers.​

Adding to their growing global portfolio, Ichikara Inc. announced the launch of “​NIJISANJI in”​ – their VTuber (Virtual YouTuber) chapter in India. This is the first time India will see Virtual content creators in the digital landscape and has a massive potential fuel its rapid evolution. ​The company’s India project follows the full-scale advancement released in April for China and the recent launch in Indonesia.

Commenting on the expansion to India, Riku Tazumi, CEO of Ichikara Inc.said, “Keeping in line with our goal to spread Japan’s Virtual Streamer culture to the world, India is the next new challenge for Ichikara Inc. We will work together with talented creators to distribute new content to fans while contributing to the development of the Indian entertainment economy.”

What are Virtual Youtubers and why this is exciting!

To kickstart, they have opened their call to auditions for Virtual Youtuber characters that are designed specifically for the Indian market.

This also means that anyone can apply – whether you’re a working professional, an artist, a university student, a homemaker etc. – if you love to entertain people and have always wanted to put your voice out there to create content that relies on your voice and personality, this is your chance to become India’s first ever Virtual YouTuber.

To understand the actual content better, there are ​2D​ as well as ​3D​ Virtual YouTubers. Click on the hyperlinks to check it out.

To start with, ​NIJISANJI in​ has announced three characters especially for India: ​Aadya,​ Vihaan ​and ​Noor. ​Applications for Aadya and Vihaan are now open to the public. The details on how to apply are outlined further below.

Applicants who are selected at the audition stage will get the opportunity to livestream as their new digital identity – Aadya or Vihaan!

Vihaan Aadya

The genre of the content tends to be gaming given the livestreaming aspect but this is not necessarily the norm. The topics can span comedy, gaming, etc., ultimately the personality and ability of the streamer to engage the viewers is what matters!

Given the widespread appeal of gaming in India as well as the rapid growth in the popularity of Japanese entertainment, there’s a huge scope for gamers and Ichikara to aid each other and create a never-seen-before category of digital entertainment in India.

For more information, check out NIJISANJI India’s social media:

Audition Requirements
Nationality: Indian
Age: 18 years and above
Location: Residing in India (preferred cities: Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune)
Language for streaming: English, Hindi or a mix of both

Audition Form

3-step Interview Process
Application review → Phone interview → Final interview

Application period 18/11/2019 ~ 2/12/2019 23: 59(IST)
Applications accepted only for individuals residing in India

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