A Japanese singer-songwriter, Kiyoe Yoshioka

Kiyoe Yoshioka is the vocalist of a J-Pop band called Ikimonogakari. She spontaneously joined the duo band performing live as a vocalist.

Kiyoe Yoshioka's 'Dekoboko' to be the theme song of the Anime "A Couple of Cuckoos"

‘Dekoboko’ to be a theme song of the anime “A Couple of Cuckoos”

January 21, 2022
J-Pop Group Ikimonogakari to Short Shorts Film Festival

J-Pop Group Ikimonogakari to Short Shorts Film Festival

April 25, 2021

Kiyoe Yoshioka Biography #1 – Ikimonogakari

The band, Ikimonogakari consisting of Yoshiki Misuno and Hotaka Yamashita, started live music performances on their local streets on 3rd November 1999. They gradually got attention due to their continuous efforts in their local cities, Atsugi and Ebina. They made their major debut with the single SAKURA in March 2006.

Since then, they have made many hit songs, such as arigato, YELL, Bluebird, and Kaze ga fuiteiru. In January 2017, they announced stopping their activities as a group temporarily. Then, in November 2018, they resumed their activity with a “Shepherding announcement.”

They established a new company called “MOAI” in April 2020. In June 2021, they announced Hotaka Yamashita’s resignation in summer 2021. Since then, the group restarted their activity as two members.

Biography #2 – A solo artist

Kiyoe Yoshioka started her solo activity in February 2018 and released her cover album Utairo in October 2018. In May 2020, her solo project Kiyoe Yoshioka’s every day is the day for Nursery rhyme~singing with family!~ has begun.

In July 2021, she released a cover of the song, Natsuiro no Omoide by TULIP. At the same time, she started Kiyoe Yoshioka Official YouTube Channel. In November 2021, she released the song Massara composed with singer-songwriter Motohiro Hata, and performed at an online solo event called Kiyoe Yoshioka × THE PREMIUM MALT’S Premium night, Premium bubble (Hour)- !!! next month.

In 2022, Kiyoe announced that her song goes to the opening theme song for the TV Asahi animation of A Couple of Cuckoos.

New single "BAKU" by Ikimonogakari goes on sale today!

Ikimonogakari releases Opening song from BORUTO!

February 24, 2021

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