BAND-MAID releases “Sense” for streaming and CD!

BAND-MAID releases "Sense" for streaming and CD!

BAND-MAID is an impossibly hard-rocking five-piece, an all-female Japanese rock band formed in 2013. They are also well known for their maid costumes. Recently, BAND-MAID has released Sense, their new song, in full size for streaming and CD. In addition, they released its music video too.

In the music video, you can enjoy the intense performance scenes of BAND-MAID. The video also features scenes close to the world of the TV anime Platinum End – such as red and white lights shining on the members and white feathers flying around.

About “Sense” by BAND-MAID

Sense is the opening theme song of the TV anime Platinum End, and is attracting attention with its magnificent strings at the beginning.

To celebrate the full-size distribution of the song, BAND-MAID is running a poster present campaign for CD buyers and a campaign to play the song on music distribution services. Some of the campaigns are for overseas fans. So, masters and princesses (as the band calls their fans) around the world are encouraged to check them out.

The movie KATE, in which the band played themselves, has become a hot topic around the world, becoming the number one movie on Netflix (as of September 11, 2021, according to We can’t take our eyes off BAND-MAID as they accelerate toward their theme of world domination.

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BAND-MAID releases "Sense" for streaming and CD!

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