Discover Ikimonogakari’s Musical Journey: From Street Performances to Global Hits


Ikimonogakari embarked on their musical journey on February 1st, 1999 when childhood friends Yoshiki Mizuno and Hotaka Yamashita decided to form a band.

“Ikimonogakari,” meaning “Team Responsible Living Things,” was inspired by their shared experience of feeding goldfish during childhood.

Their musical career kicked off with street performances in Atsugi, Ebina, and along the Odakyu Line, the vibrant area in Kanagawa, Japan, with rich history, convenient transportation, urban amenities, and cultural attractions. By November 3rd, 1999, the duo expanded into a trio with the addition of Kiyoe Yoshioka, the younger sister of a classmate, during one of their busking sessions.

Their breakthrough came on March 15th, 2006, with the release of their major label debut album ‘SAKURA,’ marking the beginning of a successful journey. They delivered numerous hits like ‘Arigatou,’ ‘YELL,’ ‘Blue Bird,’ and ‘Kaze ga Fuiteiru.’

Returning to their roots as a duo in the summer of 2021, they released their first track, ‘STAR,’ on May 3rd, 2023, drawing a crowd of over 8,000 at a free gig in their hometown of Ebina.

Their momentum continued with the release of their 34th single, ‘Ureshikute/Tokimeki,’ on September 13th. ‘Ureshikute’ was featured as the theme for the movie ‘Pretty Cure All Stars F,’ while ‘Tokimeki’ commemorated the 20th anniversary of Precure and served as the opening theme for the TV anime ‘Kibo no Chikara – Otona Pretty Cure ’23.’

On December 13th, they unveiled their first album as a duo, marking their 10th overall release.

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