Prepare for an Epic Musical Adventure with Ikimonogakari’s “Blue Bird,” the Legendary Anime Theme from ‘NARUTO,’ Now Available Digitally!


Get ready to be swept away, Indian Otaku fans, as Ikimonogakari is about to take you on an unforgettable musical journey! The sensational ‘Blue Bird’ performance from ‘THE FIRST TAKE,’ which has already captured the hearts of over 200 million viewers worldwide, is set to hit digital platforms!

In a mesmerizing showcase last December, Ikimonogakari wowed audiences with their rendition of ‘Blue Bird’ on the renowned YouTube channel ‘THE FIRST TAKE.’ Now, the wait is finally over as this iconic track becomes available in all digital stores. Experience the essence of ‘Blue Bird’ in its purest form, straight from the hearts of Ikimonogakari, crafted especially for ‘THE FIRST TAKE.’

As the legendary opening theme song of the beloved anime series ‘Naruto Shippuden,’ ‘Blue Bird’ has transcended boundaries, captivating fans across the globe. With over 200 million total plays, it’s not just a song – it’s a global anthem that resonates with listeners from Japan to the farthest corners of the world. And now, you have the chance to immerse yourself in its enchanting melody and heartfelt lyrics, right from the comfort of your own space.

But the excitement doesn’t end there! Get ready to join Ikimonogakari on their epic concert hall tour, ‘IKIMONOGAKARI NO MINASAN, KONNITOUR!!2024 ANATATO! WATASHITO! MINNADE! UTAIMA SHOW!!’ as they light up 19 cities across Japan, starting from Sunday, February 4th in their hometown of Ebina, Kanagawa, at the Ebina Culture Hall.

And for an extra dose of magic, mark your calendars for May 25th and 26th, when Ikimonogakari will grace the stage at the Pia Arena MM for their special performances as part of the ‘IKIMONOGAKARI NO MINASAN, KONNITOUR!! 2024.

To viewers around the world

We’re happy to hear that people all over the world love this song. Thank you!

Which country or city are you listening to “Blue Bird” from?
I hope one day, we can visit your city and sing this song in front of you live.

– Ikimonogakari

“Blue Bird” Streaming Information

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Blue Bird – From THE FIRST TAKE’: Stream Here
Original Release of ‘Blue Bird’: Stream Here
‘Ikimonogakari – Blue Bird / THE FIRST TAKE’ on YouTube: Watch Here

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