J-Pop Group Ikimonogakari to Short Shorts Film Festival

J-Pop Group Ikimonogakari to Short Shorts Film Festival

Ikimonogakari is a famous J-pop band for its anime theme songs. For instance, BAKU for BORUTO – NARUTO NEW GENERATION, Blue Bird for NARUTO are their masterpieces.

Ikimonogakari and Japan Academy Award winner Eiji Uchida collaborate on a short film “Stardust Children.” At the shooting, Sony’s smartphone Xperia™ sas the only camera equipment to film the entire story-themed on their hit song “Kirakira Ni Hikaru.”

World Premiere Opening at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2021 Online Venue on 27th April.

A film inspired by Ikimonogakari hit song goes to the event opening

Academy Awards©︎ accredited Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, will world premiere “Stardust Children” as the opening film of the festival online venue. It kicks off on Tuesday, 27th April 2021.

The original story was created based on Ikimonogakari’s hit song, “Kirakira ni Hikaru.” Plus, the director of the film is Eiji Uchida who has worked on the Japan Academy Award-winning film “Midnight Swan” and the subject of the hit film “Naked Director.” In addition, the film was shot entirely on Sony’s smartphone Xperia™.

“Stardust Children” opening film of the festival

World Premiere at 2:00pm on April 27, JST

The original: Annin Gogatsu
Song: “Kirakira ni Hikaru” Written by Yoshiki Mizuno (Ikimonogakari)
Watch the music video on YouTube
Director: Eiji Uchida
Cinematographer: Maki Itō
Script Writer: Eiji Uchida & Lee Nawon
Cast: Haru Nakamura (Maruta), Ryoka Minamide (Senebu), Mai Kikuchi (Bella)
Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy 24min.
Maruta is driven out of his land after he is considered to be cursed. After wandering through the forest, he encounters stardust children who are righteous & pure. Maruta befriends Senebu & Bella & the children, but as the Star festival approaches…

The film is based on a novel, “Stardust Children”(Hoshikuzu no ko), inspired by Ikimonogakari’s hit song “Kirakra ni Hikaru.” The original was chosen from submissions to Sony Music Entertainment’s platform for user-generated content, monogatary.com.

About Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia

SHORT SHORTS is a comprehensive short film brand. The film festival, “Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia” (SSFF & ASIA) has started in 1999, accredited by the Academy Awards®. Meanwhile, it is one of the largest international short film festivals in Asia. SHORT SHORTS isn’t just a screening event. It leads the film culture from various aspects, for example, film distribution, production, and collaboration work with companies and administrative offices.

Now, the fifth-generation telecommunication technology, 5G, is allowing communication with greater data capacity. In other words, people are able to enjoy high-quality video content and movies on their mobile devices. On the other hand, realistic film experiences, beyond the idea of a cinema, are increasingly emphasized. Therefore, to support young creators through various activities and events, SHORT SHORTS broadens the field of short films.

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2021

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2021

  • Friday, 11th June to Monday, 21st June
    *Online screenings from Tuesday, 27th April
  • Screening venues across Tokyo and online
  • https://www.shortshorts.org/en
    *The website will be open on 27th April

This year Sony Group Corporation and Sony Corporation (summarize two companies as Sony) will support the Official Competitions. It aims to support the filmmakers who will create new trends, styles of visual content. It becomes the gateway to a possible nomination in the short film category at the Academy Awards©︎. In addition, the “Smartphone Film Competition” is supported to expand creative expression & opportunities for new challenges in discovering new forms of creativity unique to smartphones.

Check out the website for the joint project by SSFF&ASIA2021 & Sony’s Xperia.

J-Pop Group Ikimonogakari to Short Shorts Film Festival

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