“MARS RED” anime has it’s own rock musical!

 The “MARS RED” anime franchise is taking things to the next level. Recently a Rock Musical band of the anime released a key visual of their group with 5 main cast members.

The key visual of the live band rock musical stars Motohiro Ohta and directed by Daisuke Nishida.

Motohiro Ohta : Shutaro Kurisu

Yoshinobu Maeda: Seijiro Nakamura

Yashiro Itokawa as Swah

Daisuke Yanase as Tokuichi Yamagami

Ryo Hirano as Takeuchi

About the rock musical band

The rock musical “MARS RED” is a new group based on the TV anime “MARS RED”. Their first performance is scheduled to be broadcast in April 2021.

The genre is a rock musical in which men who have become vampires sing their own way of life while speaking about their struggles. This is based on the background of the TV animation.

Shutaro Kurisu is the lead starring as Motohiro Ohta. He has appeared in popular works such as the musical “Jersey Boys” and the musical “Swords Ranbu”. Daisuke Nishida, who works on many stages and musical works will also be a part of it.

About the anime

This anime series is based in 1923, Japan. The trailer gives us a brief glimpse of opulent architecture and fashion, which is a hallmark of the era. The existence of vampires in such a unique setup is something you should watch out for. In fact, we couldn’t miss the fact that vampires posed such a threat to society that a government-sanctioned agency was created to capture them.

About the band performance

Performance title: Rock musical “MARS RED”
Performance period: June 24th (Thursday) to July 1st (Thursday), 2021
(12 performances in total)

Venue: Tennozu Galaxy Theater (2-chome, Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) 3-16 Sea Fort Square 2nd floor)

For now, the performance schedule is for physical events only, based in Japan. In the future, the Indian audiences hope to see more of their digital performances too.

© Bun’o Fujisawa / SIGNAL.MD /
MARS RED Production Committee © Rock Musical MARS RED Production Committee

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