MORISAKI WIN released his new single today

MORISAKI WIN released his new single

A Japanese entertainer MORISAKI WIN who enthralled the Indian audience with his music at Super Sugoii-con last year, announced to release his new single “Love in the Stars – On the night when the stars meet” (Acoustic ver.) The original edition of the song is recorded for his first album “Fight.”

Initially, he was going to hold his first live concert on 8th May with an audience. However, due to the emergency declaration in Japan, he had to postpone the event. In order to cheer up his fans who were looking forward to the event, he decided to release the acoustic version ahead of his first album to be released on 26th May.

The song expresses his feelings for his loved ones who are far away from him. In addition, even before its release, it got first place at the “Uta Net Attention Ranking”. The song releases on various music distribution services.

Also, another single, “Fly with me,” will out on 12th May.

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MORISAKI WIN released his new single

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