MORISAKI WIN’s 1st album “Flight” out now!

After enthralling the Indian audience with his music at Super Sugoii-con last year, entertainer MORISAKI WIN’s 1st album “Flight”, has been released worldwide.

Morisaki Win created “Flight” because of his desire to fly around the world with music and to deliver music to the world.

All the 12 songs from this album are produced by Morisaki WIN himself. The lead song “Fly with Me” is a personal favorite of the singer.

About MORISAKI WIN’s album

Win composed the song “UNBROKEN WORLD” from the album. “Midnight” was the first song written and produced by MORISAKI WIN. The song “Parade”, was recently used as the feature song for the Suzuki Solio Bandit advertisement. You can also listen to other popular songs from the album.



“Love in” is a popular song from the album which won the 1st place in the “Net Attention Ranking”. It was ranked number one in the real-time chart of LINE MUSIC even after the release. The song always ranked high in the chart and exceeded 1 million plays in one week of release.

Album Purchase Details

The album has 12 original songs performed by the singer:

  2. Fly with me
  3. Parade – PARADE
  4. Love in the Stars -At night when the stars meet-
  5. JUST GO
  8. WonderLand
  9. Parade –PARADE (Acoustic ver.)
  10. Midnight
  11. Love in the Stars -In the night when the stars meet- (Acoustic ver.)
  12. WonderLand (Acoustic ver.)

The first edition ALBUM also has a special DVD version which contains 5 additional songs by “MORISAKI WIN SCREEN LIVE ~ Parade to the Wonder Land ~” held on August 29, last year, and is popular with fans.

◆ Release Information
Label: Columbia International Released
on May 26, 2021 (Wednesday)
1st Album “Flight”
First Edition (CD + DVD): COZB-1749-50 Tax included: ¥ 5,500 (Approximately 2,200 INR)
Regular Edition (CD): COCB-54330 Tax included: ¥ 2,200 (Approximately 1,000 INR)

At the first live performance “MORISAKI WIN FIRST FLIGHT” to be held on May 8th (Saturday), the album songs will be unveiled for the first time prior to the release. We hope you will enjoy WIN’s fascinating performance at the venue.

About the Artist

Win Morisaki / MORISAKI WIN   Date of Birth: August 20, 1990

Born and raised in Myanmar, when I was in the 4th grade of elementary school After arriving in Japan, he was scouted when he was in the second year of junior high school and started performing arts activities.

Joined the dance vocal unit in 2008 and is in charge of the main vocal. While playing various roles as an actor, he was selected as the main cast in Steven Spielberg’s new work “Ready Player One” released in 2018 and made his Hollywood debut. Since then, he has appeared in numerous movies and dramas, and in 2020 won the 43rd Japan Academy Award for Newcomer Actor for the movie “Listen to the Universe”. In addition, the theatrical version of the serial drama “Seriously Sign”, which starred, was selected for the 73rd Cannes International Film Festival “Official Selection 2020”.

In the same year, he made his major debut with “Parade-PARADE” on July 1st as an entertainer “MORISAKI WIN” from Asia to the world. Actively carry out overseas music activities such as live distribution to the whole world.

“Parade-PARADE” was appointed as a Suzuki Solio Bandit CM song, and became a hot topic such as winning the first place on the music distribution chart. The 2nd single “Love in the Stars -In the night when the stars meet-” released on March 7, 2021 is a big hit, with over 1 million plays in a week after its release. On May 8th, the first one-man live “MORISAKI WIN FIRST FLIGHT” will be held.

He has also been a tourism ambassador for Myanmar since 2018, and has appeared in many dramas and commercials in his native Myanmar.

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