Sarah L-ee released her new song “Calling 9011”

Sarah L-ee's new song ‘Calling 9011'

A talented singer Sarah L-ee, who has been creating songs that paint colorful worlds, released her new song “Calling 9011”. The song describes her five feelings.

Sarah L-ee has been busy not only creating her own original songs but also contributing as an artist to all kinds of activities. For example, she worked on some songs for a reading drama for virtual artists, and wrote lyrics for the popular anime idolish 7. Furthermore, she was selected for collaboration works for the TV anime Yurei Deco. Her reputation is got spread like other famous artists, including Daisuke Asakura and Shinnosuke.

Her new song ‘Calling 9011’ consisted of powerful vocals, rapping, and a cyber sound influence. Sarah L-ee wrote the lyrics and did the composition. She explains that she created this song with her five feelings: love, sorrow, fear, depression, and hope. After all, it expresses a magnificent world, almost like a science fiction story about the universe. Although it was challenging for her, she proved how her talents span across many mediums.

The famous music producer Shinnosuke, who is a former member of SOUL’d OUT, arranged this song. He made the song catchy, and the track stuck in people’s hearts once they heard it. Shinnosuke has been collaborating and creating original songs with Sarah L-ee since 2019. They worked together thoroughly on the music and arrangement.

His distinctive beats are so clear to his fans, and his marvelous sound is similar to the recent music trends worldwide. The best collaboration of two skilled talents brought the song to the next level with the quality of production. Please check it out!

Comment of Sarah L-ee
In this song, I expressed my five feelings: love, sorrow, fear, depression, and hope. If the bond is strong enough, people will see each other again in the end of the song even if they are once apart.

The main character keeps looking for the loved one until he finally meet the person again. This song has a message that love is the most powerful thing in this world.

If you need to call 911 (you need to call 119 in Japan) from the universe, you need to call up 9011. So, the title of this song is ‘Calling 9011’ and is not ‘Calling 911’. Please dive into this magical universe that Shinnosuke and I created.

Comment of Shinnosuke
Recently, the sound of old class House music from the 90s is back in trend worldwide.
I made this song which has House music undertones even before the trend began. So, the timing was the best ever.
I must say I was so ahead of the time! (Laugh)
Actually, the song has the particular sound of Acid jazz within the genre of house music.
I was creating this song imagining as if the song was in a compilation album of a UK label called, ‘Junior Boy’s Own.’
Please enjoy experiencing the amazing sensation of the rhythm pattern of four on the floor!
And Sarah L-ee totally gets the beat smoothly and puts her rapping freely over the music.
I love her rapping so much and recommend it tremendously to everyone!!

Release Details

The song has been streaming on 11th September 2022 through various streaming services.

Song title: Calling 9011
lyrics: Sarah L-ee
music: Sarah L-ee, Shinnosuke
Arrangement: Shinnosuke
The platforms available: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music Unlimited, YouTube Music, TIDAL, and others.

Official Website | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Biography: Sarah L-ee

Sarah L-ee was born on the 11th of September 1995, in Canada. She is a mix of Japanese and Korean.
She has aimed to be a singer since she was a child. She started to perform at the age of 17 mainly on the internet.

Sarah L-ee speaks English, Japanese, and Korean fluently. She writes lyrics and composes the music and sings the song. She has been expressing her unique style freely through her songs.

Sarah L-ee is famous for her sharp and strong rap and she has a wide sound range and great technique of singing going from delicate expression to strong voice singing.

She is also good at improvisation since she has been familiar with it. She used to live stream through Niconico. Her cover songs and arranged songs on streaming gained more than 8000 followers.

She moved to Tokyo, Japan from Canada around 2016 to pursue her career as a singer. Now she lives in Aichi prefecture in Japan. She has been creating cover songs and doing arrangements of songs since then. Also, she started producing and releasing her own original songs in 2017.

She released her song on YouTube. In 2019 she met a producer Shinnosuke and the two started a collaboration.

She created the main theme song ‘Kagami’ for the reading drama, Oni Yuugen Roudoku Bu, ‘KANAWA’. The reading drama was performed from the end of August to the beginning of September 2021. The drama was performed by many popular voice actors in Japan. The song was released on the 23rd of July 2021.

The song is a gem of a ballad which is totally different from other songs she has ever made.

Sarah L-ee has joined as a rapper and singer to the solo album called ‘NITE WAVES’ by Shinnosuke. This album is Instrumental and was released in August 2021.
(’Goodnight feat. Sarah L-ee’)

Sarah L-ee's new song ‘Calling 9011'

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