Sony Music Labels launches ReVers3:x, a virtual space

Sony Music Labels launches a new virtual space project

Sony Music Labels launches new virtual space ReVers3:x (read as a reverse cross.) ReVers3:x is a space where people can enjoy watching the short live videos of their favorite artists’ performances. A famous Rapper KEIJU’s performed the first live show on this project, and it was live on YouTube too.

What is ReVers3:x?

Sony Music Labels hosts the virtual space associated with the latest technology that its group has developed. People can enjoy watching short live performances by various artists in a virtual space. KEIJU performed on the set of the streets of Tokyo created virtually.

This space was originally produced with the cooperation of MomentTokyo, REZ& and huez, who is known for XRLIVE productions. Inside this space, there are artworks created by digital artists from OFBYFOR TOKYO that many young cutting-edge creators are a part of. The teaser, released at the time of the announcement of the launch of this project, has gained more than 300,000 views. With great expectations, finally, the entire project was revealed.

Virtual Tokyo street

KEIJU performed 3 trendy songs, Falling, Tears, and In My Eyez. The audience was left awestruck with the experience of entering an actual video game space. The stage was surrounded by special effects of falling cherry blossom petals in sync with the songs. They also experienced driving through the city in this virtual space with this song. This live show has been released in full size on ReVers3:x Official YouTube Channel.

 ReVers3 KEIJU

Sony’s 4K camera equipment and UNREAL ENGINE realize the virtual space

The live show was shot at Sony’s volumetric shooting studio Volumetric Capture Studio Tokyo. Sony’s volumetric technology is one of the highest qualities in the world. MomentTokyo created the virtual space with Volumetric capture technology using Sony’s 4K camera equipment and UNREAL ENGINE.

Team VJ and REZ, who both have been active in main festivals, took part in lighting and visual directing as a VJ. With their skill and effort, the quality of the live show was on a whole new level compared to the usual virtual music performances. Their amazing visual direction was possible due to this unique virtual environment which is very different from live streaming performances from an actual venue.

The project ReVers3:x is planning to have more XR live shows, mainly with more HIP HOP artists in a random schedule for the 1st season from March 2022. It aims to be a cross-cultural spot and is going to release all sorts of entertainment in a virtual space. Please look out for Volume 2.


NOTE: The volumetric technology is used for making 3D movies where people can see from any direction with high resolution. The people and space are shot by dozens of cameras which are all set around the entire studio and then converted to digital data. With this volumetric technology, we can capture the real world as it is and can show angles where normally cameras don’t exist and when put together with computer graphics, new creative visual expression is possible.

[XR Live vol.1] ReVer3:x KEIJU Streaming & Download Links

Re1: “Falling” STREAMING & DOWNLOAD from here
Re2: “Tears” STREAMING & DOWNLOAD from here
Re3: “In My Eyes” STREAMING & DOWNLOAD from here

Information about ReVers3:x (River’s cross)

Date: Released worldwide from the 3rd of March,2022 (Thurs) at 22:00 (JST)
Platform: ReVers3:x Official YouTube Channel
Planning: Sony Music Labels Inc.
Cooperation: Sony Group Corporation, Volumetric Capture Studio Tokyo / OFBYFOR TOKYO
Virtual Live Creator: MomentTokyo / REZ& / huez

Official HP | YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok | Facebook

Profile of Moment Tokyo × REZ& × huez

Moment Tokyo

Starting activities in 2015, Moment Tokyo is a company that specializes in shooting live-action. They created live videos of many artists including m-flo, MIYAVI, and Ikimonogakari, also created post-event movies for music festivals such as EDC JAPAN and GREENROOM FESTIVAL. They also made a live document for Porter Robinson.

After covid, they invited more than 500 artists to their studio and created these movies. XR LIVE is a continuation of their activities, and they are expanding. Their strongest point is their skill at shooting live-action movies, and they have been making various XR LIVE videos for the last two years.

Website | Twitter


REZ& is a resident video jockey who directed the visuals and developed the system for many events including the biggest club in Asia “ageHa,” from 2012 till its “THE GRAND FINAL” in 2022. He is one of the iconic Japanese VJs and his works vary. He is a visual director and a VJ for many music festivals like ‘ULTRA JAPAN,’ ‘EDC JAPAN’ and ‘SUMMER SONIC’ and takes tours with international artists.

Right now, he works with Moment Tokyo and huez, as they direct, develop and plan the XR live show using technology like UNREAL ENGINE and TouchDesigner. They have been putting energy into cultivating a new live performance scene in the Far East.

Twitter | Instagram


A Visual artist unit started its career in 2011 and celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. They successfully worked for the visual direction of spaces including events like “Wednesday Campanella Nippon Budokan Performance -Hakkaku Universe” AND “the party for releasing tofubeats’ “RUN.”

In recent years, they are putting more energy into developing the visual direction for virtual spaces like online live and XR (cross reality). They directed the visual effects of the space with lighting, VJ, and laser for the events, “KizunaAI 5th Anniversary” and “MIKU EXPO 2021 Inline.”

Website | Twitter

Profile of KEIJU


KEIJU is a member of the HIP HOP crew called ‘KANDYTOWN’ with 16 members that include a rapper, track maker, DJ, and movie director all living in Tokyo and know each other since childhood. They are active in various fields spreading from music and KEIJU stands out in the crew with his strong individuality, a mellow voice as a rapper, and very photogenic looks.

He performed as a rapper for “LONELY NIGHTS feat. YOUNG JUJU” by tofubeats, “Remember feat. YOUNG JUJU” by Awitch, and “Drippin feat.IO & YOUNG JUJU” by Shota Shimizu in 2017. His performance has been amazing, and we can call him the king of guest performances in the Japanese HIP HOP scene. He started working as a solo artist and made a contract with a major label, Sony Music Labels Inc. He is the first artist from KANDYTOWN who signed a major deal. He changed his artist’s name to KEIJU and he released his first single “Let Me Know” from Sony Music Labels in 2018.

He released the song “Summertime” in collaboration with the singer RIRI. This song was a commercial song for the SHISEIDO sunscreen line ‘ANESSA’ which was created under the producer Nariaki Obukuro in April 2019.
When the commercial got exposed around Asia, his presence left Japan as he performed this song in Taipei for the first time with the Taiwanese singer Julia Wu who released the remixed version of this song in September that year.

In July 2020 he released his first major album “T.A.T.O.” and ranked 4th on the Apple Music album chart.

Profile of GUCCIMAZE

He is a graphic designer who works in Tokyo. His typography has a three-dimensional form with a sharp and hard feeling. His color scheme is vivid but also gives a poisonous look making his graphic works unique and original.

He became independent in 2018 and he collaborated with many artists and brands from inside and outside of Japan.
His main works include providing graphics to famous artists including Fetty Wap, Post Malone, and Flying Lotus.

He also made an album cover for US rapper Nicki Minaj. And he collaborated with global companies like Calvin
Klein, SEIKO, Crocs. He did a solo exhibition ‘MAZE’ in Shibuya, Tokyo in 2020 and a group exhibition ‘CHAOS LAYER’ at Gallery Tsukigime with Kosuke Kawamura and Yoshirotten in 2021.


A digital creative label that is active mainly in Tokyo. This artist management agency has all kinds of professionals including a movie director, CG artist, Art director, and Producer. OFBYFOR TOKYO has worked not only for the visual direction of global brands like EMPORIO ARMANI, NIKE, DIESEL, and H&M but also created music videos and artists’ artwork.

Sony Music Labels launches a new virtual space project

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