Super Sugoii-con Vol.1 Exclusive: ASIANZ


In our previous article about the J-Pop Band ASIANZ, Super Sugoii has explored the band’s history, discography, and love for India. These eight-member group of artists is already earning a cult following in India thanks to their catchy and energetic dance choreography on Indian music.

Team Super Sugoii managed to sit down for an exclusive interview with ASIANZ who all have a special message for their Indian followers.

An Indian movie gave an interest in this vibrant country

ASIANZ has a cool concept, from the eight-female member band to the affinity towards Indian music! What got you interested in India?

We love dancing and have created many dance videos for TikTok. One day we stumbled upon an Indian movie on Youtube. This was the start of our interest in this vibrant country.

Since then, we started creating dance videos on Indian music. Initially, we were worried that our performances might not be accepted by the Indian audience. However, the response has been really encouraging! We got multiple followers, reactions, and comments on our social media platforms from India. This was very motivating for us!

Indian artists inspire ASIANZ

How many times have you performed to Indian music? How do you like it?

We like the unique and unforgettable Indian Dance moves. We have more than 20 dance videos on Indian songs. We watch many dance videos on social media, including videos by Indian artists. One of our favorite Indian artists is ankit_dancer01 on TikTok, who uploads trio performances and gives us inspiration!

Toward the top sensation in Asia

What are ASIANZ’s dreams and goals?

In our opinion, the Asian Continent is a very powerful and passionate place in the world. We believe Asia can be an epicenter of pop-culture in the near future. And, we have a very strong enthusiasm for dancing. Our vision is to become a top sensation in Asia soon!

Special Messages from ASIANZ Band members for India!

I wish we could become the most popular J-pop band in India
I hope to become one of the most famous Japanese connection in India
I’m happy to have an opportunity to show the Indian audience our performance
I can’t wait to showcase my kickass dance moves to everyone in India ❤
Great to bring Japanese Kawaii (cute) culture to India!
I hope the Indian audience like our performance ??
Looking forward to meeting you guys in India, hopefully soon✨
I convey our warm regards to everyone in India?

ASIANZ will show up at Super Sugoii-con held on September 27th, 2020. Don’t miss their performance!

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